A lot of crashes with Argos and one at the end of Argos

When you ALT tab the game run fine but if you come back in the game the game just crash and if you do that at the end of Argos it say that you collected the reward even thought you didn’t and you just lost 30min doing that for nothing and you can’t even requeue because you got the reward for the game even tough you have nothing in your inventory. But if you do it before you finish Argos it just send you a ticket to requeue saying someone in your party left even if it’s you because your game crashes.

happened the same to me just now, cant enter again and couldnt clain the rewards of any of the 3 phases.

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Yeah only started doing Argos now, very happy about it because I just got item lvl 1370 and the first thing that happen is this, a bit disappointed.

Welcome to the club, but mine just crashes randomly, I don’t even alt tab. It crashes mostly in guardian raids and last night in argos. I just got off a guardian raid now, it crashed, got back into the fight 2 seconds later crashed again. I reinstalled my windows last night everything updated and clean. The hell is this bs?