A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

Even though Amazon said they weren’t censoring anything and just changed the preview outfits, some of them are still being censored.

Summoner completely removed from release, most likely to have a redesign.

Sorceress now have a very comic and “WoW” styled belt, I feel like I’ll be playing a Orc Warrior.

Thanks to @catherina

Starter Gear that completely changed for some classes. (Martial Artist decided to radically drop her beliefs and culture to go full suit.

Another user confirmation

They are literally delaying the game to spend time modifying things that are already done, on top of remodeling and changing character customization presets.
These are not the only ones, NPC characters and there’s probably tons of more costumes being removed or changed completely.

If you want to keep track of what you will and will not get after release, these are some of the costumes/outfits that can be released during the game’s life time.

Koreans have also noticed the completely revamp of some outfits and even the retexturing/recoloring of a huge amount of NPCs from the Asian continent Anich and the rest of the game:

Ezrebet from one of the Islands:

Amazon “professional” team tried to change her skin color/texture.
A clip of a streamer doing the quest:

Her original appearance:

More needless changes that will only delay the game further if they are doing to hundreds of NPCs across the game:

Video about all this by @Lowe


oh man… that’s so lame D:


Well, to a certain extent we should not care.

I don’t think you will spend the whole game with the zoom at 200%.

edit: by the way, looking at the trasmog system, many outfits are the same as in the other versions. I didn’t even notice the censorship until I saw the last one you posted. Although I honestly didn’t notice much


I tend to agree - it seems a small thing if the chicks accidentally had mustaches on them, as long as the game mechanics work.

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I would MUCH prefer they leave the outfits alone and true to how they were originally designed.


well personally i care about outfits designs. and if they ruin all the outfits that i’ve seen already in RU i might not buy anything from the shop as i spent a lot of money in RU shop on outfits cause they look amazing. however it’s not my loss if they decide to lose customers. the chat alone is hella censored isn’t that enough? why everything needs to be censored? might actually refund my platinum pack as well lol



Welp, time to learn korean and move to south korea before i invest thousands into this game.


i wish if i had the patience to learn korean i would’ve done that long time ago.


Original outfits have not been removed, they are just not as front and center and we have added in additional options for players


you mean like 2 different versions of the skin? the original and the new one will be available?


they haven’t been removed, just censored a little bit ? :\ why change the outfits at all?


Weird, didn’t realize blizzard was developing this one too.


oh lord… it all started to make sense now!!! :scream:


This is disappointing if true. Original outfits need to stay in the game. And absolutely hope this wasn’t a politically driven decision.


amazon, don’t go the way blizzard did, we all know how it’ll end


I hope they change it this suck.

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No swimsuits game is ruined…


The sole fact that it’s in the game but not showing as a preview is already extremely concerning, what’s the next thing that will be changed, maybe how an entire race of the game looks? Or completely remodel that end game boss that has a slightly revealing outfit? That’s how you lose trust from actual long term players and exactly what other companies(blizzard) have been shooting themselves on the foot.
Why are the original ones not the front and center?
It was fine in the other 3 regions of the game.
Who is amazon publishing this game for?
I legitimatelly don’t think that people who have been waiting for this game for 7 years since the initial trailer wanted the “Front and Center” to be changed, people wanted this game on NA/EU exactly because it was this game, not the Amazon custom vision of what’s is the better option.
Shoving Amazon’s taste under players who have been waiting for so long doesn’t sound like the smartest advertising move.


bruh yall really mad that the outfits are too censored?