A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

The censorship of chat is equally as absurd as these costume censorships. If not more so. Some of the words that get blocked are literally in no way bad. Like camera or pictures. I have never in my entire life seen censorship that extreme on an online game. This is not a game designed for kids. What is Amazon doing?? We’ve waited years for this game’s NA release and we’re going to get a filtered version of it for no good reason. Literally no one asked for any of this.


In addition to outfits being censored or replaced, character customization has been limited to exclude half of the original Asian Face options. This means that those who have played in other regions such as Korea or Russia will not be able to use the same character customization options. It’s not possible to recreate the faces through the Advanced function either.

I’ve wrote a post in regards to this in my own thread as well: Asian Base Faces & Presets Replaced: Why?


Ezrebet’s various appearances in the beta:
The cursed cutscene in question

Outside of cutscene

Housing Wardrobe options:

Yeah the chat censorship is abhorrent. It’s like something you’d find in China.


lmao, so the assassin originally had shorts, but someone actually decided that they should spend time and effort to make a new costume? what a great reason to delay the launch date, right


Roxx [developer] 7 hours ago
My answer is the same, and this has been answered many times. No outfits have been removed or censored. They starting outfits are slightly less sexy. The sexy outfits that are no longer starting outfits are white drops. You can get them in-game, just the same as they are in the other regions.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1599340/discussions/0/3154202776555072082/?ctp=2#c5913784177848605743

EDIT: There are players who can confirm.

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I can confirm original, decent appropriate underwear for nice mature woman are changed for 50 year old, dirty-looking underwear original created for 70+ year old woman in retirement home.

At least for Soulfist…

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The starting outfits are slightly less sexy.

How is this not censorship? Being able to get them somewhere else doesn’t mean anything if it’s not exactly as the original KR, RU and JP client.
People want to see it as starting outfit.

“Despite you being able to see this character in other regions or servers of the game, our version of the gacha art is not censored, we just replaced it so an absolute huge amount of people will never see it again, and you can find the original art somewhere else in the game”

This sounds exactly like ported gacha games from Asia to Global.


WoW! So another asian game that you need to censor for who exactly? I know you read your forums/social media messages. Did one Player complain about the outfits? I guess no. Not 1 Players i know of gives 2 cents about this. Me personal wants the KR/RU Version of the outfits and not a version censored by developers (I know you want to bring us the best game possible) or “higher” ups.

Optional outfits are all well and good, but cutting out content doesnt matter how minor it is , is not. This gives me such extreme Blizzard flashbacks that I am not willing to play the global version of lost ark. Your players are all right in the head and can decide for themselves what content is okay. Your take on this with anticipatory censorship is not okay in my opinion.


So in the same breath Roxx says that no outfits have been removed or censored but imemdiately follows that up by saying that the original starting outfits have been removed and censored with watered down, non-sexy outfits. Absolutely incredible lack of self awareness there. No one asked for this level of change and all it is doing is pissing people off. @Roxx the starting outfits should be left alone and players should be given the choice if they want the covered up western version over the original Korean version of the starting armor.


Checking in, in hopes I cleared some stuff up but I guess I was wrong.

What? We are talking about the removal and censoring of starting outfits in this game which has been confirmed by Roxx. While the original outfits are still in the game you can no longer have them as the default, base look of your character. This is all because someone at Amazon decided that we cannot have the same sexy outfits as KR/RU as the base set.


You are clearly missing the point just like the rest of you who keep yelling “perverts”.

AGS decided they wanted to publish a korean game and with that decision they should be fine with publishing it as is, without unnecessary changes. No one asked for more nudity, people want less changes compared to the original.


Because people want Lost Ark as it was made by Smilegate, not some watered down version made by Amazon with a bunch of changes because they think we are offended by sexy outfits.


That’s simply not the truth, this isn’t about integrity at all lmao, who are yall trying to fool

No one is trying to fool anyone. That’s exactly what the close to 600 posts here are arguing. And there are plenty of other threads arguing the same issue.

i think you read it wrong. Starter outfits still exist but as white drops.
They have been exchanged with additional outfits.
Outfits have been exchanged so that it represents their face with the game (front and center).
I for my part think this is okay. As long as the outfits are not being deleted i am fine with it.

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Yes, it is.
The game was made by SmileGate, Amazon is only the publisher.


Possibly? But they have still removed the original starting outfits and replaced them with a non-sexy version. It’s an unncessary change and does nothing for the game as the new outfits completely fail at fitting the theme of the class in the case of the Martial Artist and Assassin. Would it be so hard for Amazon to just leave the original outfits alone and offer the new ones as the white drop you can pick up? If they did that a lot of players would be much happier.

Edit: I should note that this change only occurs on the female classes. They did not touch the male classes at all. If they are going to change the starting outfits then it should be done across the board… not aimed only at the females and making them less sexy.


Why not make their new outfit a droppable item, when the original was already there and ready to be shipped?