A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

You are indeed.

I already know the exact reason you are actually arguing this for.
And it has nothing to do with the game.

What I said when “Research” was that Amazon has already given you an answer to this question.

And stop spreading misinformation. Go back to TRUTH Social.

Whatever you say. You are right. Happy now. Back to not going to comment on game forums cause people cant have different opinions. I did research. Only thing i found was: Original outfits have not been removed, they are just not as front and center and we have added in additional options for players. Then where are the old outfits could not find anything.

i agree on the gender thing. Only reason i wrote my gender is cause people tend to attack gamers by saying they want to sexualsize women, I dont think it makes my opinion weight more.

Can’t really argue “censorship” while the current plat soul fist skin looks like this

EDIT: Got flag spammed for this really lmao

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I’ve read the entire post and concerning the “removal of outfits” in terms of censorship they have already explicitly stated that the original starting outfits have been swapped NOT replaced so to continue this argument under the guide of “THEY ARE LYING TO US” on the basis that nobody has found a very specific armor set in the 6 days the Beta has been active is a fallacy, half the people are arguing just to argue at this point. Also, I’ve seen Gremory’s posts and replies on the subject, and they are all about the starting outfits no longer being the starting outfits something we already know from amazon’s numerous responses. Lastly it’s a god damn beta, one riddled with bugs and missing content, STOP basing what the final product of the game will be from this.

Can you post the starter gear from Magician (summoner, bard)?
The one you get at level 10 from entering the game and your character will be wearing.

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why censor in the first place
kinda pathetic

We should boycott the game because of this. We should never accept censorship.

not worth it. just forget about it. they don’t even understand what you’re saying in the first place so you can ask for that as much as you want they won’t provide you with what you asked for. :woman_shrugging:

Starter gear has been swapped for different starter gear, looking to see for myself changes nothing as i know from reading their response what i’d see

Looks like they put out a blanket response to multiple topics.

Here is the call-out for outfits but same as before:

  • Our answer to this question has not changed at any point in time. We are not removing any outfits, and only adding new ones. Racy outfits are no longer front and center in places like marketing or character creation. The game is still as violent and sexy as it ever was.

That picture is not even from the official western PlayLostArk website.
See the image below.

If you save the image you’ll notice that it’s a _V3, most likely meaning Version 3, after finally adding the Soulfist Avatar.
Above the image it says "A special avatar for Platinum Founders. The Avatar will be available for the first Advanced Class you select in-game. Please note that the Soulfist Avatar is still in production. We’ll share final images of the Soulfist Avatar when the outfit is built and ready in-game.
So expect the lovely avatar to be butchered.


yep it looks censored in this picture from their website lol. so easily noticed too

Just stop. Let me run my logic through to you, and see what you think after.

This is an ARPG, an “Action Role-Playing Game”…AKA Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, etc, etc,…
You are staring at the top of your characters’ head. Zooming in makes the game unplayable.

Why do you care so much about your character’s gear looking skimpy or not? Because that IS what you are arguing. You want the women to be dressed with less. I get it, I like the ladies just as much as the next person…But I also realise that I am not going to be spending a ton of time worrying about what my character looks like. Got a skin on? Now you have no idea what your character looks like, gg. Got a new helm? Face covered. Oh, you can take the face display off? Cool, still cant see their face FROM THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD.

Why are you spending so much time zoomed in on your character?
I get it, the look of the armor is sometimes super amazing, and you gotta look at it.
But to worry that much about showing less skin? Come on my dude, grow up.
There are websites for those kinds of things, and I don’t think it is very healthy to worry so much about a video game character, and how much skin they show to you when you zoom in on them like some kind of creepy god that can see you at all times…

Spend more time PLAYING THE GAME, instead of playing yourself…

It is the same logic I use to say that we dont need a body slider. I could see a general one to make you tall/short or fat/skinny or whatever… But don’t put in the lewd sliders… they serve no real purpose.

you don’t get the point do you? why do people keep assuming things about other’s that want the game to be the same original game that was released in KR/RU? nobody is talking about jerking to it. we’re talking about ruining the originality of the game and how it was supposed to be. don’t take off the beauty of the game and besides that. the game isn’t made for kids to worry about “what can they see and what they shouldn’t see” and also in the same time we’re talking about a game that’s hella successful in KR/RU for keeping it original meanwhile what we got delivered to NA/EU is a watered down version from the original game that we were expecting.

and they will not be making any money out of the costumes in the shop if they censor them. also the dumb change of NPC’s and painting them instead of keeping everything the same. you think people are going to enjoy these changes? so many people are disliking this including the Koreans. and they got the rights to dislike this nonsense.

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I like most of the new outfits better actually.

It is not from their official website but it was shared by Laufie a prominent content creator in the community and was shared 1 day after: https://twitter.com/laufiex/status/1420589941826805761

And once again the argument that they are censoring everything is centered around “they are lying to us” all based from a beta 10/10

I’m pretty sure Amazon have at least one special department focused to gender agenda for their products.

No one can do anything not approved with this department.

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All the Avatars “Skins” are already made and ready for the western release.
Dev time ain’t cheap and “If” they’re altering all the skimpy avatars, then it’s because they somehow can see they’ll earn more money in doing so or being told by someone to alter them for the western release.

I can understand that you don’t care too much about how your character look, that is fine.
But Lost Ark have a photo mode, that some people like to use, i’m sure even some girls/women like to customize their housing/personal island and taking pictures of their characters zoomed in.

To quote on what you said:
But I also realise that I am not going to be spending a ton of time worrying about what my character looks like.
If most of us, just want it to be like in the KR/RU version and people like you hardly care?, then why should they waste expensive development time to alter revealing avatars.

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+1 there. which is why i’m against censorship of the female character… in any game that i played that has a shop that sells outfits i only buy the sexy outfits for a reason. i played BDO and i bought multiple outfits there and i take screenshots of poses etc and with my horse too “must be zoomed in of course” any game that offers such a good looking outfit i must buy from their shop without any questions and i don’t really care about the prices for them. if it looks as good as it costs then it’s worth it to me. i like my character to look as sexy as possible because i love style and sexiness and i wouldn’t last in a game that offers such rubbish in their shop because “WeStErNiZeD” bs and 2 or 3 people on twitter that cry about it and won’t even play the game at all to begin with or spend a penny on it.