A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

No, It is more like “Don’t complain about something so useless, pointless, and something that adds little to no value to the game. It does not make you play the game better”

It is not mental anything. It is literally the most basic form of logic you could ever use.
It’s like saying “1+1=2 is a super radical idea, and requires a lot of thought and effort to solve”.

So you are comparing women to pizza? Cool, sounds like you shouldnt be the one making decisions. I understand that you just want the game as it was…But it is not about JUST YOU, you ego maniacal fool. There are other people who play the game. And the overwhelming majority of people who play these kinds of games, don’t really care to see some chick, half-naked, trying to fight demons in her lingerie…

You are just a pervert my dude, get with the times. This is an ACTION ROLE PLAYING GAME, not your little Hunnie Pop adventure. This is a game where you are fighting everything from wild animals to GODS AND BEYOND…Do you really think that Lacy Négligée is going to help you against the “Ultra-Mega Super Kami Guru Texax Smash” that the boss is going to hit you with?

Stop living in this disgusting fantasy where women in video games are just dolls that look cute.
As a man who has been playing fantasy games for over 25 years, it is pathetic.
Sex sells, sure, but it sure as heck ruins the immersion for the other 99% of people.

All the sexualisation that is in games like this, is because they know that little Nerdy Turbo-Virgs’ will give them your life-savings to play a game with tatas in it. So now they are catering to the other 90% of players who just want the game to play well, and for their characters to look stylish af…

I am sorry, but wearing armor that looks more like lingerie than actual armor, does not a hero make. Maybe it is time for you to grow up for the first time in your life, and worry about the game being well made, as opposed to how much of the characters’ jiggly bits are showing.

If your biggest gripe is “not enough bewbz” then it sounds like you think everything else in the game is perfect and should be released right now…again, the other 99% of players think the game still needs some work, and the last thing they are worried about is cyber-boobs…

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Maybe go be sexy in real life? Go be a cosplayer if you want that.

Or even better, just have a mode where you can try on any outfit in the game, and take all the screenshots you want. No restrictions, just a big House with clothing racks all over the walls, clothes strewn hither and tither, mirrors everywhere…just a giant live-in closet…

Otherwise, leave your pointless fashion out of my god-slaying.
I love cool looking armor as much as the next, but frankly…you dont need to have cleavage that goes from your chest, past your chest, and down into the crotch… you are just asking to be gutted by a wolf or something, like come on…

But now that I say it out-loud, the whole closet thing sounds like a cool feature for people who are more worried about their look, as opposed to playing the game.
Kinda cool

it’s almost like the game is +18. oh wait i forgot you don’t even know what that means my bad.

90%? we will see about that buddy. when the game dies let me see that imaginary 90% of the players who will keep playing the game the way it is.

i grow tired of replying to such people that only uses the word “virgins” to reply to people that want the game to stay the same original game that they knew. it’s almost like talking to a brick wall or a deaf person that you keep telling him something but he can’t hear you and he tell you the same crap over and over again and unable to hear you at any point because deaf. this forum is just no different than any other game forums full of people that call other’s virgs as if it’s an insult or something. so sad honestly that such people exist. i’m just going to mute anyone that’ll reply with the same crap that makes no sense again and refusing to understand that this game IS NOT MADE FOR KIDS…


couldn’t agree more. this type of people is the reason we can’t have good things in life and in online games. man i’m so sick of this crap… and yes the only time someone calls other’s virgins is the virgin himself lmao. but yet again why bother using that word in the first place? you only make yourself look like a moron in front of other’s. a pathetic moron to be exact.


Don’t bother replying back to him.

I can definitely understand your frustration, but we also have to remember forum guidelines/rules.


and i completely agree with you. he’s simply trolling.

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No, I just have to acknowledge that this game comes from two different countries that are world famous for having really bad womens rights. Most places in Russia, women are literally getting sold off as…well, you know, and nobody there does anything about it. Russia is literally ranked in the top ten most sexest places to live…And South Korea is kind of a mixed bag. They come from a long line of “women belong in the home and are for making babies” kinda crap…

So yeah, them changing the clothes to be less about making women into objects, and more about making women into badass killing machines that dont have to wear a mini-skirt and flash everybody in a 100 mile radius every time they move…

If you want to live that life, go move to russia or south korea. You seem like you would fit right in.

You want to say that the game is going to get butchered because the girls dont wear as revealing of clothing? That IS sexist. It is not political, or emotional, it is just a fact. You are not talking about THE GAME being ruined, you are talking about boobs being more covered up, and you are throwing a fit like a child about it.

Wrong. If it were up to me, I wouldnt have even bothered. I would have just copy/pasted the game and sat back letting my wallet level up. I don’t care. ME. MYSELF. But I am not worried about ME. I am worried about the other 99.99999999999999% of the playerbase who might just not loke that kind of stuff.
And frankly, you are a super-minority in this. Most people, seem to not care at all. In the slightest. THey just want the game to perform well, look good, and be mechanically sound.

It is just the few pervs like you who are more worried about getting that up-skirt shot then you are of getting that head-shot, you know?

Me, I say keep the boobs. I legit don’t care in the slightest. I just speak up because I can see HOW OTHER PEOPLE see the world, and I can see why THEY would want changes that ME, I, might not like.

But the fact is, at the end of the day…you are again, one of the very few people who care about the boobs that much, and as such should be ignored in this case. Less boobs /= A bad game.
It just makes a game with less boobs.

You just seem to lack the basic human functions of empathy or sympathy, so you only think about what YOU want, and you never even try to see another persons point of view.

It’s always the same people. " who cares if there’s censorship it’s so unimportant". Then why fucking do it in the first place? This product was clearly never aimed towards you. It’s like they have a notepad ready to go with specific responses. “You’re just horny, go jack off” is another one I love. Without fail it’ll be either one of those or both of them.


it’s amusing. the amount of people that would go out of their way to create multiple accounts to flag posts they dislike etc… however. i’m more surprised at the fact that the OP isn’t unflagged yet despite it being falsely flagged by multiple accounts… meh

Cool. I am 30, have an ex wife and a child. Cool.
My wife is out giving therapy to traumatized children. You keep making this about politics, when its about nudity. And why do you care so much about how much sex other people are having? IT seems like you have some deep issues regarding your sexuality, since you seem so focused on everything about it…

I am not the source of anything, because I never wanted nor did I ask for these changes to be made. I Just see how other people think, and take their thoughts and feelings into consideration. How is it demented to NOT overly sexualize video-game characters? I think you do not understand the meaning of that word.

Never said I did. Never wanted to. Not sure why you say that.

I have lupus, and my testosterone is actually a little higher than it should be.

You seem mad at somebody who is NOT me. I barely even know what twitter is, so no idea wtf you are talking about, and again, never said I was a representative of anybody at all.

Creature? Crap? I never said anything about the game, I said the armor is ridiculous.
I never suggested anything about how anything SHOULD be, I have not the power nor the wisdom to do that.

Yes, they will be fine with it. Because most people are not perverts like you. Or at least not to the same degree. I basically never use twitter, and I only go to reddit when I need help trying to figure something out in a game, and the official ways are not working or not responding…So wrong again. So far you are batting zero my dude.
I am not narrow minded, it is just the opposite. I see your point of view as well as other peoples’ points of view.

You are mistaking “less revealing clothing and less sexualisation” for “less fun and now the game is broken”. They are two different things. They are, from what I can tell, keeping the game. Sure, some weird skin colour choices and such, but those are things that can be fixed and changed super easily. And some things are edited just to help translate things to an entirely different country with a different culture, something you seem to neglect even thinking about.

You had some to lose?

I am not asking for anything. I am not pushing for censorship. I am just aware of the point of view, and I agree that “more nudes” does not make a better game, and less does not ruin it either. There was not really anything to censor. Last I checked, there was no full nudity, and the game its self is mostly unchanged. So your belly-button isnt showing, who cares? You say you care about the game, but you seem to only talk about the sex part.

THe thing is…none of you are using REASON to REASON with somebody else. All he did was talk about how much sex he has, and that he thinks I live on twitter for some reason…

Where did they address anything in a reasonable manner? They just screeched about how I am somehow the problem with the whole world, just because I think its silly to have so much skin showing when you are fighting demons and gods…

I never said those words, and I am also not on here just hating on people who disagree with me. Notice how many people put me on block, just because I disagree with them, and called them out…same thing he thinks he is doing, but in reality he is just arguing for more nudity.

Way to ignore the whole problem, and bring the issue back to talking about yourself.


I have to come out and say it…

That is almost EXACTLY the same thing I would tell people when I was like 16, on WoW…
“Dur, oh yeah? Well my GF, who plays WoW with me, is sitting right here laughing at you. She cant type because she is busy, but shes real…i promise”

why are you like this dude?

We’re roughly around 50 that have written in this thread with 6,9k Views and 500 replies.
Even if we speak up in this thread, nothing will change with so few voices, if @Roxx tell hes superior about our concern, nothing will change.

Think like this. You’re the small customer that want a product, but the provider can’t give you that product, because another customer have paid a lot more for that product to be changed.
Now the provider still want the small customers money, as they add up in the long run, so they’re forced to come up with answers like Roxx did in this thread.
Quote from Roxx reply in this thread.
Original outfits have not been removed, they are just not as front and center and we have added in additional options for players

This is pure speculatons, but that is usually how it works.
Companies rarely “tell the truth” to the customer.

If you find this insignificant, then why do you write here? Whats your point in starting this discussion? If you dont care then why do come here and tell that you dont care? Explain to me please.

Because I like discussing things, even when I know that at least 9.5/10 people who respond wont be logical, or really be capable of talking things out.

I didn’t start anything, I joined in.

I did not do that. I came here to discuss. To talk. That is how you learn about new things, how you learn to see the world a different way. To grow from the teachings you were brought up with. AKA, the world is changing, and I want to change with it, instead of being a fool who spends his days in echo chambers, hearing my own voice come from a thousand different mouths. I want to hear OTHER PEOPLES voices and opinions. I want to hear what other people deal with, because I like learning and talking and discussing and debating on topics that I enjoy. As a dude who has played games his whole life, and is seeing his precious love being turned into a political movement…pardon me for my curiosity.

I know what you were asking, and I know what you were intending when you asked me…however, I feel that I gave you the answer that I felt you needed, not the one you were hoping for, I think.

Though to answer-answer your question? I just know what the real arguement is, and I wanted to bring it to light. If even one person can see it besides me, and actually understand it? Great. But if i walk away, and all I get out of it is having some fool call me names and somehow act like my marital status matters when it comes to my opinion on fantasy armor…well, then that is the risk of discussion. Sometimes you do not walk away with what you wanted, but sometimes what you needed.

And you start discussion with “You point invalid because its not important to me”. What a great start, that not how discussion work. And to counter you argument why its important: Game has photo mode.

Thats not how you speak with people. Treat people the way you want to treat you. In his case as he stated that he is here only for discussion with bad point you just ignore him.

Don’t bother with him @Potatoempn
Being on this forum for 1 hour reading hes replies, the guy is obivously cooked in the head, only person currently defending with hes “going to church perspective”

The first thing he wrote was:
Just stop. Let me run my logic through to you, and see what you think after.

This is an ARPG, an “Action Role-Playing Game”…AKA Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, etc, etc,…
You are staring at the top of your characters’ head. Zooming in makes the game unplayable.

Completely ignoring the MMO part and comparing Lost Ark with the above games is just absurd.
Both games have overhead perspective, but that is about all they have in common.

I never said it was not important, I said I do not care. ME. The person. Just me. I understand where OP is coming from. I was there as a teenager. I was so angry once, I threw a game disc out the window because they reduced the “jiggle physics” in a game I was playing… But you know what? I grew up, and realised that it was more important for me to have fun playing the game, and knowing that it was technically sound.

That is what this is about. THE GAME is coming over almost wholly intact. The thing OP is complaining about? It is NOT THE GAME. It is small detail in the game, and most people just don’t care either way. Meaning they dont care if it gets censored or not, because they are here for the game, not the boobs.

Now if they came and brought this game to the US, then changed all the classes, and then said the game was now subscription based…then you could say the game is messed up from its original verson…but less boobs? Come on, it has nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with that guys perversion.

IF you want to make it political, I can’t really tell you that I am a leftist. I just listen to people, and form my own opinion from the information contained therein.

My feelings never had anything to do with this, soooo not sure why you are making that argument. Then again, you are being very emotional about this, so maybe you are just reflecting.

For people who like to just play the game and hope for not-game-breaking bugs everywhere? Man, I am just so picky and sensitive…darn.

The main audience doesnt care, because none of them are complaining about it like you are. For somebody who got so angry at imagining me “Talking for all women” when I never did, and never said I did…you sure like to talk for everybody else.

All you are doing at this point, is repeating common political talking points that people spew to sound like they know wtf they are talking about. IF you want to make it political, give me your spiel. Tell me your political stances. I promise you, judging from what I have seen so far, that none of them are original nor your own. Please, keep copy/pasting political nonsense.

WHich according to you…the target audience is you…

Yeah, you did start calling me names and insulting my masculinity after I point out how stupid your idea was…
Wow, you can be right. I never knew…

So then when are you going to report me?
I have reported people for genuine racism. For actually inappropriate names. But I have never ever once been offended by some internet stranger. Then I also have never ever even once reported somebody for disagreeing with me lol. Not worth the effort in that case.

Ironic, that you think you are talking about me, but really just described everything you did, then labeled it as negative. Hypocritical at best.

lol wut? me, moral? LOL OOOOKAY. I am the guy who thinks we need to nuke half the worlds population and start over from scratch. I am the guy who would initiate the end-times lol.
I never have been so insulted as to have somebody mistake me for a moral person.
I do or don’t do things based on what I do/dont want.

I just know how to listen to people and understand their points of view after the listening.

I guess I have no idea what that means.

Well, stop being a pervert then. I mean, if I steal a car, I am a car thief…and if I argue about having more skin showing in a video game, I would be a pervert…

And “Wanker” is a British term commonly used in place of “idiot” or “dipsh**”, not in place of pervert… You are being called a pervert for asking for more skin to show…
It is NOT an inaccurate term.

There are plenty of sexualized things in Games. Never complained about them. I am not complaining about them here.

Just stop acting like your argument is about making the game better. You are not arguing to make the game work, or making sure they are fixing genuine issues with translation that MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME PROPERLY BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THINGS MEAN DUE TO POOR TRANSLATION…

You. Are. Demanding. More. Nudity.

Be honest with it. Don’t make it some nonsense about being true to the game. THe game is intact, it is your perverse desires that are going unfulfilled.

So you are just delusional.
Go play Diablo 2 and 3, and PoE and Torchlight…and try telling me that they are not the same game…

its like saying Call of Duty and Battlefield are different games. THEY LITERALLYI HAVE THE SAME WEAPONS AS EACH OTHER…One just has a different visual and story…kind of.

This is a Diablo clone. Just like every shooter out there tries to claim the glory of Halo’s original release, people keep trying to work the magic that the Diablo games had.

Why is that a problem though? It is a genre and a style…why get all worked up about it?

I am.

You obivously dont know the difference between ARPG and ARPG-MMO.
I’ve killed every boss in Path of exile, diablo 1, 2 and high end Diablo 3 Greater rifts.
Lost ark have so much more to offer, if you are a completionist.
But i guess you didn’t even get to level 50 on the beta to see it for yourself.

First, the game is already monetized, so too late there. The gameplay is the same. And the outfits are just absurd. That is the issue.

Stop making this about politics. It is legit just about making sure more people feel comfortable playing the game…because the whole point is to have fun (on our side) and make money (on their side).

I know exactly the difference. I have played the differences.

And of course I didnt get to level 50. I am here TESTING BUGS AND CONNECTIVITY ISSUES, not to get to max level and see how cool I can be.
I am testing walls and terrain, quests and turn-ins, monsters and abilities. I have spent more time in-game just firing my weapons and exploring the game than probably anybody else testing right now. And I am recording it all so when something happens, I have the best kind of proof that the Devs can use to improve things…

My bad for coming here on the CLOSED TECHNICAL BETA, and actually testing it out like they needed.

Yeah, sure, its also to show the game off and get people hooked…but its also to test things out, so people don’t have to come to the forums every thirty seconds to complain about connection issues…

Just because Lost Ark added in some endless dungeon crap or something, does not make it a different game…just means they added extra steps.

But none of that is the topic here.
THe topic is that the OP is asking for more nudity, and I am simply presenting an argument that says we dont need that crap for the game to be good and fun.