A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

And of course I didnt get to level 50. I am here TESTING BUGS AND CONNECTIVITY ISSUES, not to get to max level and see how cool I can be.
Again with your assumptions about stuff, not the first time and probably not the last time you’ll do it.
First max level is not level 50 and non said anything about being cool.
Level 50 just unlocks the calendar and events that happens in the game.
You actually get to explorer islands etc. when you hit level 50, which shows that you shouldn’t compare it to Diablo and all the other Arpg games…

And you got it twisted in your head again.

The Avatars are already finished and been used on KR Lost ark for 3-4 years at this point.
So how are they asking for “MORE” nudity?

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lmao are you actually forreal… why is amazon scared of underboob LOL. stop wasting resources covering up pixel women and fix all the bugs instead.


Just wish they would give a proper answer.
Like “We’re making minor changes or slight changes to some specific avatars to better represent the western realease”
And yes i’m a Soulfist main, so i do give a shit about my boobies on her “Gender locked btw”
i don’t see a reason for keeping my Platinium founder pack, if they completely butcher the avatar dress.
Atleast the refund policy says this:

  • Pre-orders, prior to release date, can be cancelled at any time, for any reason. For more information, check out our [Amazon Pre-Order Price Guarantee]
  • After release, all games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon are non-returnable and non-refundable at this time. This includes digital items purchased or unlocked through in-game stores.
  • Purchases made through Steam, are subject to [Steam’s Refund Policy]

Hope i can lower it to gold or silver, if they change the avatar.

Almost like not everybody is you. Not eveybody wants all that nudity. Almost like Russia intentionally was overly sexualizing the game because women in russia are commonly treated as less than property…
almost like you are encouraging it…

And again, if you don’t like it, you can always not play it. Or you can do what everybody else does, and just join a foreign server…

I really do get your point.
The problem is that you don’t get mine. Or really anybody else’s. You don’t want to listen or learn or grow as a person or as a gamer.

You say people like me are the problem? How? By just discussing with you? By calling you out?
Cultures do not always mix.
That is what this is kiddo. Pure and simple.
Their culture is completely antithetical to what we have going on in the US (for the most part) so of course things are going to chage. The RU servers seem to think its fine that these things are changing (for the most part) and nobody there is having as much as a hissy-fit as you are.

At this point, you didnt see or hear anything that was said by me. All you did was make everything about politics somehow, when really all it was was the US base wanting to make sure that more people can play it and have fun, instead of being selfish and trying to make it so that only a select group of people can play it. Imagine your community growing…

But all you want is the same old crap, because it is familiar. That is understandable.

But I tell you this. You know what community i have been a part of since age 12? The Table-top game community. Gurps, Gamma World, Boot Hill, D&D, Shadowrun…

Do you know, what I would have sacrificed to get more people in on that? To have people not call me names just for having fun in an inventive way?
But you know what happened? The DND community did the same thing you are doing right now. You don’t want your safe place to change, you like your group of people.

But I can promise you, adding more people to your family, only makes it more fun and enrapturing. I had to watch the WoW community die off over about 6 years…

I want to see this community grow into something big and fun and exciting here in the US.
If your game is ruined by the exclusion of more skin…then you never really like the game in the first place, you like the boobs AND the game.
ME, and many people like myself, just want a fun game, boobs or naw.

ANd we cant have that when people like you come to the forums, start a flame war, all because you literally cant even understand the most basic concept of being human, which is empathy.
You don’t care about anybody elses experiences playing the game. You are not asking how people feel, you just want them to agree with you, meanwhile I THRIVE on people disagreeing with me. I love being wrong, because it means I have room to learn. It means that I still don’t know everything.

I want this to be a big family…and that is hard to have when anybody under the age of 18 cant play it, and everybody who isnt white feels excluded (again) from yet another video game (again) with no representation at all. ME, I generally don’t mind. THe race of my character only matters when there is a racial passive involved, and there is none of that in Ark because they are all of “The HUMAN race”.

I want this to be a big fun-loving family, and all you want to do is grab some boobs (understandable as that is lol) and that is not fun for everybody else. SUre, nice to look at…but can they kill things? No? Then put them behind some armor, and get to slaying some baddies…

But I can see that you will never learn nor listen to anything I have to say, because you can’t even stay on the topic, and keep trying to drag politics and my sex life into it lol.

So instead of being pathetic, childish, and immature like you…I am not going to fake block you and then come talk crap about you.
I am going to just walk away, because you can’t catch me with as slow as you are.


Part of it is to be able to market to a wider audience. Set the net wide when casting, and all that…
And that is also part of my point. There are legit bugs and game-breaking issues all over the game…like, an insane amount… and these guys are here screeching into the void complaining about less skin showing…

But as I said, im out. just saw your post as I hit enter lol.

This game no longer has that much nudity. You wanted it, and now its gone…so please leave so we can enjoy our game in peace…This game does not fit your “agenda” anymore, so why are you still here. THere is sushi here, and I remember you telling me one time that you don’t really like sushi. Move along now.

lol. poor lil fella is all tuckered out after all that thinking. He’s not used to it…

LOL AGENDA LOL. wtf is this guy?

I read whole thing. Even my degree didn’t have that much water.

This is a post against censorship / costume changes in the game.
I still don’t understand why those who defend censorship / covered suits are dedicated to insulting those of us who want to have the ORIGINAL suits of korea

To those who say that they are not even going to spend time customizing their character, tell them, I’m sorry, but you don’t know what an mmo or rpg is about if you skip one of the most important pillars, such as customizing your own character. For a player who will end up acquiring a special affection, perhaps your type of game is another like a moba where you can choose characters as mere tools without worrying the least about their appearance or anything in general. Also … then many of these people will play the first 10 hours and will not return to the game (as has always happened)

Ah yes, right, there is a post also out there saying that the introduction is excessively long and that they do not want to read practically any of the lore of the game, damn, another feature that people do not want from the game? want these people is to play a moba, I think they do not know what a mmo is.

As I was saying about the appearance of the character … this is an important feature in any mmo / rpg, since there are even official events with real prizes in almost any of these games (photos usually of your character showing a landscape, a pose or being with a group of friends). Nor then will you care much about the housing element I imagine, another very important element and that also, European games do not even have today.

Anyway, this is one more element of the game, of course there is more like the gameplay, errors and such, and you also have to give them importance, but I imagine that each section must have a different post, right? or we put it all in a single post and that nothing is understood about the matter at hand ._.

Finally, the game is +18 and it was created there +18, it is a game for adults and it is a fantasy game, I know that here in Europe many are used to playing western games +12 and games that are not fantasy, but this is what it is.


Why would you love that someone is passionate about something and just want that skin to show on their own character?.
While you on the other hand don’t care and dont have to group with those people, nor zoom in on their characters.
Some fetish for making people angry with your bad takes or?

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This whole entire thread could’ve been avoided if Amazon just let us pick the options instead of replacing them… Like this game has endless drinking, smoking, violence, gore, and murder. But you spend time covering up women. What? Are the male characters gonna get tank tops/t shirts to wear with their swimsuits too so they’re not too revealing? Or is it only wrong when a female character shows skin? Leave things the way the already are FFS.


Why is this thread still getting bumped. Use the other thread with the detailed response from AGS.

This one should be dead by now.

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I don’t care that much about nudity or not since all I care is about having at least a cool looking armor and a satisfying combat.
The first Screenshot for example I prefer the Armor of the censored one while on the second one I think that the more nude armor looks nicer because I like the coloring sheme of said armor but honestly, since I don’t pay attention to this in game I think I would be ok with either version.

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Feel free to ignore this thread. :slight_smile:

Edit: some of you really love to flag posts you don’t like, but it seems like the thread is still here and you can still ignore it :smiley:


The problem I think with a lot of Anime is that characters often look underage.

That is not the case in Lost Ark.
The same way for example that in Tera the Elin are censored, I know some people are like just 110% completely against ALL censorship to the point they think that people spamming n-words in chat is acceptable too.
But I think that it’s totally understandable that Elin and people using slurs gets censored.
What is not understandable is that adults and simple words like ‘’ ass ‘’ gets censored…

Adult characters should not be covered up, they’re adults…
But when you’re sexualizing minors or characters that are VERY clearly intended to look like minors like the Elin then I think that changes things.
This also goes for violence too, you rarely see kids get harmed in games in graphic ways we generally tend to leave minors out of it.

If Lost Ark had a race and class like Elin then I would’ve reacted drastically different if they had only censored them and then left everything else intact and not forced things on me.

The problem I have here is that Amazon are forcing things on me with adult characters that isn’t the case in the original and also it just begs the question where and how we will get the original even if it’s in the game. They’re only making things more difficult and confusing and it could EASILY be solved by simply presenting us with choices.
What they’re doing is not presenting us with choices it’s making decisions for us some of which like the starting gear is permanent and then leaving us in the dark.

And as someone else mentioned, the new armor previews actually does a far worse job at communicating the variety of gear.
There’s even copy pasted gear, you have two different version of the starting gear in different colors + your starting gear.
That’s THREE times the SAME gear is thrown in your face during character creation.
The gear that these preview replaced looked way cooler and far more in line with the rest of the aesthetics too.
This is just us getting a worse version of the game, even if you like the new starting gear you shouldn’t be against options and also you have to admit that getting three of the same costume in different colors as armor preview + starting gear is completely baffling and lazy.

Even with what you’re saying tho it’s essentially ‘’ I don’t care ‘’.
No offense but at that point your opinion may as well not even count.

And even then I doubt you’d have a problem with choices.
Because then you could pick the ones you like it’s a win win.

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Talking about the reply from TrevorFTW in Communication is silent thread?
I can see the reply to question 2.

  • Our answer to this question has not changed at any point in time. We are not removing any outfits, and only adding new ones. Racy outfits are no longer front and center in places like marketing or character creation. The game is still as violent and sexy as it ever was.

Now scroll up to post 475 and see the avatars in the pitcture and check the highlighted text under the pitcture.
when the outfit is built and ready in-game.
The outfit was ready in 2018, doesn’t this mean that they’ll change it?
I can slightly understand hiding the outfit in the picture, but not if they actually change KR/RU version of the outfit “Ingame”.


Even when I don’t care about it doesn’t make my opinion invalid or unimportant. In fact, it counts as much as counts yours. So when I say I don’t care about it means that I’m not declining nor supporting it, but that I am fine with it. This means I’m not totally against it.
So in fact, my opinion counts as well!
[Edit]: Ahhh I see, you are just being mad at me that I don’t agree to your opinion. Got it.

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Man… they really are killing the art :nauseated_face:


Yup… it’s all canned responses as far as I’m concerned. While it is nice to see both @Roxx and @TrevzorFTW resond, it all boils down to the same copy/paste message we have seen used by Amazon multiple times in relation to the outfits. They never expand on or go into detail with what changes have been made or how the whole “outfits are no longer front and center” works (beyond them cutting down five unique outfits to preview during character creation to three unique outfits plus two reskins/recolors of the starting armor). If either of them took a few minutes out of their day to go a bit more into detail, a lot of the 500+ comments in this thread would not be needed.