A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

Yup… it’s all canned responses as far as I’m concerned. While it is nice to see both @Roxx and @TrevzorFTW resond, it all boils down to the same copy/paste message we have seen used by Amazon multiple times in relation to the outfits. They never expand on or go into detail with what changes have been made or how the whole “outfits are no longer front and center” works (beyond them cutting down five unique outfits to preview during character creation to three unique outfits plus two reskins/recolors of the starting armor). If either of them took a few minutes out of their day to go a bit more into detail, a lot of the 500+ comments in this thread would not be needed.

Did… Did you just draw comparison to having preview images changed in a video game to the HOLOCAUST?

Are you serious?


Wow okay I just checked this out.
This is very worrying, and if what I read in some other post about AGS finishing up the game and release might come sooner,
then the founders pack buyers need to make a decision and fast.
Wasn’t expecting such changes to be made and time wasted on them (we could have had the release much sooner w/o this),
so this is giving me bad publisher vibes.
At this rate I might have to wait and see if Smilegate would directly launch global release instead of trusting other publishers.


What the actual hell did I just read.

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lol I have no comment, no feedback, just lolz

It’s “first they came for the communists” actually.

I honestly dont mind them changing preview costumes as long as originals will be still in the game and uncensored, not just costumes, bosses too.

But at the same time I cant help to think why amazon feels need to change all those things, when there is nothing wrong with original. Did they forget game is already rated 18+ or what.

Every other region got 1:1 replica of the game yet amazon decided its not right for ??? reason. This pointless changes just make release in NA/EU take longer.

Dont change things that are not broken. All this pointless changes makes people worry for no good reason.

I will give them benefit of the doubt, and believe their words about not censoring anything in game, but its kinda hard… especially when in the past lot of publishers said one thing and didnt keep their promises.


Do you mind though that we have essentially lost out on previewing armor sets during character creation? The KR/RU version of Lost Ark has five unique armor sets for you to look at and see what you can get if you play a particular class. The NA version of Lost Ark has three unique armor sets plus two reskins/recolors of that classes starting armor. You are not getting more diversity here… you are getting less because Amazon wanted to hide away two outfits that they deemed to be too “racy” per the response from Trevzor.

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Sure it sucks but I personally dont think its as huge of a issue as people make it out to be. There are tons of sites and videos where u can preview costumes/armor.

At the end it just boils down to what I stated before. “I dont mind it as long as everything will stay in the game uncensored clothes,bosses,gore etc…” but at the same time its like “Why do those pointless things amazon in 18+ game ?, all u get is people blaming you, its like those people deciding on those things dont get their audience”

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You’re right… it’s not a major issue. But it’s still a slippery slope and one I wish Amazon would just avoid by leaving the game alone and focusing only on localization/translation.


Just one girls opinion as not the main target of the game - I don’t mind having more options and not being stuck only to one choice. It’s all about freedom :slight_smile:


i spent 5 minutes making a video for people who likes defend amazon on this Lost Ark by Amazon Games - YouTube



I think people here are arguing because either they don’t consider another one’s opinion, or are in fact in agreement which gets lost in the way of writing. One thing is sure, we all care for the game.

I too am worried about them altering the original feel of the game, both because I care about always having original work, art, etc to experience but also because I’m a sucker for sexyness in online games, both for male and female characters. I’m also a sucker for all the “stupid” mokoko costumes and the likes - and I know a lot of people hate those kind of outfits as it can ruin their immersion, which I understand.

So I’m “guilty” for hating censorship by principle and also for loving sexyness and humour in those kind of games, that’s just who I am.

It’s fine - even good - if you are not any of that, and you should be able to have your fun too because Lost Ark offers more than graphics and glamour. I understand people wanting their characters to be in line with an immersive world in a “realistic” way, or as close as it can possibly be.

Having read all the posts, I think we all agree that we want the game to be as close as it originally was, and all agree that :

  • it is fine to add, without removing, other outfits for people that would rather have their characters look more “real” - which would make everyone stand out more !
  • it is fine to change the preview and starting outfits of classes - in good taste - both to offer a preview for people who wants it and to avoid media backlash ; I understand Amazon is a huge company watched by thousands of people and media. In this day and age, everything is controversial.
  • it is fine to offer more character customization ; this is always good. I regret we can’t have more diversity - south america, native americans, indians, inuits (in the shushire continent for example), etc ; I’m all for it, because the world is more beautiful with diversity and discovery.
  • it is fine, even required, to change NPCs appearance to reflect that, but it must be done the right way : could they not add too much white & black people in the asian Anich continent ?! Everywhere else makes sense but there, not so much.

Having said this, I think the only remaining worry I have is wether they will “censor” (read alter) existing outfits past the default ones we wear or not. That’s it. If amazon is neither ambiguous nor lying, we can rest assured everything will turn out the way we want, everybody included.

I don’t take their silence since their original post as “they lied, they are saying nothing to hide something, etc” because I think this thread looks like a mob armed with pitchforks ready to burn the castle, and it is possible that what they said is exactly what they are doing, nothing more, nothing less, and thus have nothing more to say that could diffuse the situation. They were just not explicit about their “front and center”.

At the end of the day, I’ll vote with my wallet, as I always do. If, at release, existing outfits or future ones from korea don’t make their way to us, I won’t spend money on the game, by principle. If they do come our way, I’ll be a happy customer enjoying sexy, humoristic and regular outfits.

I’m sorry for the wall of text. Thank you for reading me and have a good day.

PS : I’ll just add that something not being an issue for you, or looking like a “stupid” issue to have for you, is not an universal truth and that others can feel it is an issue for them. So people coming in any thread and disregarding others’ opinions for such a reason should ask themselves how they would like the reverse to happen.


Another problem is that the gear icons don’t actually reflect what they look like anymore.
Try it yourselves, create a new Assassin and skip the prologue.
Notice how the gear icons that you get look like they’re the gear from the original in KR/ RU?
Note how it looks totally different on your character and not like the icons?

So it’s the same gear, but wrong appearance.
So it WAS changed? That gear is just gone now and looks like the wrong gear and not even like the actual icon?

It’s a similar problem on Gunner too you start a new Gunner and their starting gear actually looks like a Gunner and is reflective of the overall class and aesthetic.
Then you get past the prologue and suddenly your default appearance is completely different if you take the gear off you no longer look like at the start you instead wear a fully covered pitch black suit that looks like a store skin…

Same on Magician, if you pay attention to the Icons it looks like a different version of the set that your character is actually wearing.
Different color and the leg piece looks like it’s meant to be shorts but your character is not wearing shorts.

I mean… Just what is actually going on here?
It’s completely all over the place.


They’re not the same type of games, you’re stupid.
It’s like saying call of duty and gone home are the same type of games because they’re both first person.

God reading you “discussing” things hurts my head you’re so bad at it.


My take on this is that they either :

  • didn’t make a new icon for it
  • wanted to alter the default and starting costumes to show people there would be more options than sexy outfits (mage is still sexy though, just weird to have double stockings)
  • a third possibility is to avoid journalists that review the game or talk about it creating a PR nightmare, Amazon being a big company.

It’s fine by me if it stops after that starting point and nothing else is altered but more is added. We’ll have to wait and see at release whether we invest or not in this.

They could show this without forcing a permanent change on us.
And also by making it optional, I don’t want to be negatively affected because Amazon wants to ‘’ show people something ‘’.
People who aren’t really the target audience to begin with if you have an issue with those outfits then the game isn’t for you.
And the game also throws stuff like the Shadowhunter on you in the starting area where you’re wearing underwear.

If this is the only change I mean, I am not okay with it still.
And it does negatively affect my view of Amazon here and will make me a lot more skeptical about their future games they publish and also the future of our version of Lost Ark.
But it’s not the worst thing ever, however I still do think it should either be the same as KR/ RU or a choice.
And also it does make me worried that when they’re looking at skins they add into the game in the future they’ll deliberately stay away from certain skins.

Your third point doesn’t make much sense either with the class tests in mind too, one of the most revealing gear sets is there.
And on Gunner for example you start in shorts and a top with cleavage, then the gear you get is even shorter shorts with a small bra and your new default under that is replaced with a fully covering pitch black suit you only see if you take your gear off ( which again, what is even going on here? What are they doing?? ).
I don’t think that lines up with your third point either.

I just want the same as KR/ RU but on proper servers… They just need to stop trying to ‘’ fix ‘’ what isn’t broken.

My screenshots posts were mainly about the default gear, the stuff you see when you have nothing equipped. Getting the starter gear later down the road is completely fine for me as an additional option. Currently there is no way to change how the default gear looks, and being forced into something different from the original is not cool. More diverse NPC’s are actually very nice, but you are not stuck with them on your screen whenever you’re playing. Of course you will use other stuff over the default gear, but the change is still there and it still hurts. The fix would be incredibly easy too, just revert it back. So I’m choosing to believe AGS will hear this feedback.

I’m not so passionate about the outfit changes as say, the stupid current naming restrictions, but I totally understand the frustration. People have different priorities and they are all valid. The game also has very strong “completionist” and “RPG” elements. That’s why I try to help with screenshots. No need to reply here, just making a clarification since you’ve kinda mentioned me and had a wrong idea :slight_smile:

So the gear with incorrect icons should have a different apperance but it was changed by Amazon. Yet again… this goes completely against the comments made by @Roxx and @TrevzorFTW that no outfits/armor were removed from the NA/EU version.

Edit: I’m perfectly fine with Amazon adding more outfits/armor. Diversity is great and having more to choose from of how we make our characters look is great. But I am not okay with the blatant removal and changing of core outfits and armor that already exist. Nothing should ever be removed or changed in the game… only added to.

I made its own thread about this because I don’t even think that they’re reading here…

Regardless of why they did what they did the end result is a, they’re making people mad and creating inconveniences even if the gear is still there, and b, they’re creating problems when before there weren’t any.

It doesn’t exactly give a good impression when you’re playing a game that has been out for so many years and the icons don’t even line up correctly regardless of whether it’s a beta or not ( not that far from launch either ).
And it was a problem that the localizers created for themselves that wasn’t there until they started tampering with it.

But yeah… I love this game so much and I am getting extremely frustrated with Amazon here…
Why do they have to make it so hard…