A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced

Honestly… Amazon could have avoid so much of the negative backlash if they had just localized/translated the game, added in some westernized outfits, and left the rest alone. That’s all they needed to do. Nothing more. But nope… Amazon decided to go woke and mess with the original look of Lost Ark in some attempt to shield western players because they think we will be offended by racy/skimpy/sexy/slutty looking outfits.

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Amazing read, your time was well spent writing that, thank you.

It boils down to one simple thing: do to others whatever you want them to do to you. Respect to be respected should be a golden rule.

I hope for the best but plan for the worst. So far the slippery slope of wokeness I’ve seen companies go through has start with censoring “offensive” things. What is offensive, you may ask? Today anything can be considered offensive, so I’m hoping it won’t go full force but that’s just hope.

Edit: I’m all for multiple renditions of the same costume, options are a good thing.

I seriously don’t see the point in censoring. People who would get offended about these things wouldn’t even be playing in the first place.


You’re welcome, hopefully we get a better game out of this. Also important to note that if someone is at fault here, it is AGS, not the CM’s :slight_smile:

This Post needs to be locked, 566 messages are enough for every minuscule angle of either side to be noted, only thing to be added is more personal insults and differing opinions sparking arguments that happened 200 replies ago

I think this is more about AGS wanting to change the image of the game, making it look less “Korean” since Korean MMOs have a really bad reputation.
I mean, just watch the western LA trailer. Some interesting music choice there, lol.
They talk about certain outfits not being “front and center” so it seems like it’s really about marketing. Getting people to not write off the game before they try it, because it looks like just another Korean MMO, you know?

I’m not defending them or anything, I just think people are misreading their motives.

When it’s about the changes of course it’s AGS, but when it comes to cryptic and lacking communication that’s totally on the CM’s. I mean they didn’t remove outfits, every single one of them are totally in the game… somewhere. :slight_smile:

Unless they’re not which is what it seems like.
They’re nowhere to be found and if you look at the pre and post prologue gear the gear icons shows that it’s the same gear as on KR/ RU but the actual models on display on your character is not…
So that model is just totally replaced?

What personal insults?.. I see people being calm.
People can keep discussing it and someone might have new things to add and won’t have to create a new thread.
Just because you don’t care about it doesn’t mean that people should be silenced and that it should be locked…

In fact I haven’t seen anyone else mention the gear icons yet so that is something new I added to the discussion just recently…

The issue ultimately lies at what @TrevzorFTW said. To quote him… “We are not removing any outfits, and only adding new ones.” But the fact that there exists gear icons that do not line up with or match the apperance of the armor being worn shows this to be false and that outfits were indeed removed. So which is it AGS? Have those outfits been removed? Or have they been removed (thus breaking the gear icon) but moved elsewhere in the game? I know that he says that they moved some outfits from being front and center for marketing and character creation but this is neither of those and is affecting how the outfits appear while playing.


So is there any follow up from the Korean side? Do we need to get their help or possibly some big influencer to make our voices heard?

As it stands, the game feedback section is a joke as they seem to ignore the major concerns of the fanbase and choose to only listen to certain other posts that line up with their thinking…Which is reminicent of New World and how they choose to willingly ignore huge bugs in their pr statements. This is why you should always take every pr statement about this game’s localization from a massive company with several buckets of salt.


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The censorship of chat is equally as absurd as these costume censorships. If not more so. Some of the words that get blocked are literally in no way bad. Like camera or pictures. I have never in my entire life seen censorship that extreme on an online game. This is not a game designed for kids. What is Amazon doing?? We’ve waited years for this game’s NA release and we’re going to get a filtered version of it for no good reason. Literally no one asked for any of this.


In addition to outfits being censored or replaced, character customization has been limited to exclude half of the original Asian Face options. This means that those who have played in other regions such as Korea or Russia will not be able to use the same character customization options. It’s not possible to recreate the faces through the Advanced function either.

I’ve wrote a post in regards to this in my own thread as well: Asian Base Faces & Presets Replaced: Why?


Ezrebet’s various appearances in the beta:
The cursed cutscene in question

Outside of cutscene

Housing Wardrobe options:

Yeah the chat censorship is abhorrent. It’s like something you’d find in China.


lmao, so the assassin originally had shorts, but someone actually decided that they should spend time and effort to make a new costume? what a great reason to delay the launch date, right


Roxx [developer] 7 hours ago
My answer is the same, and this has been answered many times. No outfits have been removed or censored. They starting outfits are slightly less sexy. The sexy outfits that are no longer starting outfits are white drops. You can get them in-game, just the same as they are in the other regions.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1599340/discussions/0/3154202776555072082/?ctp=2#c5913784177848605743

EDIT: There are players who can confirm.

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I can confirm original, decent appropriate underwear for nice mature woman are changed for 50 year old, dirty-looking underwear original created for 70+ year old woman in retirement home.

At least for Soulfist…

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The starting outfits are slightly less sexy.

How is this not censorship? Being able to get them somewhere else doesn’t mean anything if it’s not exactly as the original KR, RU and JP client.
People want to see it as starting outfit.

“Despite you being able to see this character in other regions or servers of the game, our version of the gacha art is not censored, we just replaced it so an absolute huge amount of people will never see it again, and you can find the original art somewhere else in the game”

This sounds exactly like ported gacha games from Asia to Global.