A lot of people are quitting because of excessive time gating

A lot of people are quitting because of excessive time gating in the form of limited resources and horrible RNG on honing.
I’m also starting to feel more and more tired of this shit the higher ilvl i go.

Time gating belongs to mobile games, not a triple A PC game.
There are alternative ways to make a lucrative amount of money, no need to turn your game into a mobile game horrible paying model.

This is not the way.

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They aren’t “making” it this way, this is how the game has been, and most likely always will be. It’s consistent amongst the genre and a tactic to encourage consistent attendance for the game. Even just a few minutes of research into the game prior to playing would’ve made it blatantly obvious.


This game isn’t for you. Have you played other MMOs? We are at current end game 2 months in. Not sure where the complaints are coming from.

That is how the game works on Korea and it wont get better if you dont like RNG you shouldnt be playing mmos in the first place

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i like the time gating, it feels like i can play other games too and dont lose much.

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“triple A” game. Since when?

Idk there is a stable playerbase. I don’t see a problem

Time gating goes hand in hand with any MMO. Idk what rock you live under or perhaps you just hatched are just learning.


LOA isn’t the game for them and that’s fine. Plenty of other games out there they can get into

You realize they all have time gating right? Somehow a raid lockout is not the same thing? It took months to gear up a full raid, I go up a tier every couple weeks.

What the heck are you even gated from? I as a casual who bought tier 2 honing mats occasionally from mari (maybe $30 total) have access to all the content. Are you gated from coming content? Guess what you have til then? Time!!!

I get maybe qol complaints, bugs, bots, but when people are like " I don’t like honing " gtfo dude seriously that’s the whole gearing system, you think they’re going to change that? The whole game is about diminishing returns but people are so fired up about getting geared for nothing.

In other mmos there is also rng involved in upgrading. One of my first mmo was Last Chaos and it was more rng, more grind and more f2p with less content, yet people here are complaining.

KR lost ark players sag months at t1 and t2 before t3 content so why hurry … just play more slowly and you have noch problems with honing soon or later

yea there is a reason Valtan got delayed was to give some extra time. Hope they do not do this for Vyakiss and Kaku, release them just a month after each other and we will really be up to speed

2 months to end game is pretty standard to be honest.

I stand by my opinion. Its time gating and worse, its time gating with diminishing returns.