A monthly update cycle will kill the game

I’m sorry, but at a games release is when you need to be on the ball with updates and addressing what needs to be addressed, every time i see a mmo release with a monthly update cycle it’s like seeing a death writ being made then and there, sure go monthly after the first three months after the release waves have calmed down but right now is where you’ll bleed the most players, i’m not saying you need to release a major raid or dungeon every week, but some events, some costumes, value fixes and balances and such, we KNOW they’re in the game, you CAN release them, it’s just pure stupidity and greed to watch while your player-base bleeds out just for a quick buck from the whales so desperate to hit max gear, only for them to realise there is no point having max gear and quit.

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Yup, pretty much the same problem Elyon had, monthly updates with stale dry gaps in-between. Stalling content they could put in and saying at the same time “We want to catch up with Korea” and just not putting it in.

They’ve already lost a large chunk of players on this game since launch, even though it’s levelling off now. The best thing they can do right now is release substantial weekly updates. Waiting months for anything is going to be too long. I’m not expecting the release of raids or bigger endgame content to be fast but everything else easily could be.