A plea for variety, from some of us players to Smilegate & Amazon

Shortly put, please consider adding more variety in terms of avatars and character creation options.

You literally have the world’s cultures and history to draw inspiration from. The possibilities are endless. You are now addressing the West as well. Draw from the world’s traditions, history and stories. Don’t limit yourself to stilettos, cabaret, and “street” wear.

By all means, create those options for those who want them. But there are some of us who want more from you. More…style. More…finesse! More imagination!

Literally make an effort to address the female population of this game more by:

  1. Offering more variety and fantasy immersion like avatars. (ex: samurai costume)

  2. Fix the addressing style of NPCs to actually take into consideration the female gender, please. The stronghold NPC refers to female chars as “My Lord” and I’ve just played through the story in Rohendel and one NPC referred to the Queen as Him. I am just asking for the bare minimum, the basics here.

  3. More options in terms of make-up in character creation. Mages have no lipstick. What’s wrong with a red lip for a mage? Or a black lip. Or a deep blue lip. How about some more hairstyles. Waaaay more hairstyles. The gunner female class and the assassin female class have the absolute best hairstyle in the game. Can we add more?

I am looking forward to seeing how Amazing and Smilegate approaches some of these points in the near future, I hope. I am only asking for variety, not for excluding any particular style.