A positive post: new to Lost Ark

So I see a lot of people complaining about difficulty/honing rates, PVP, bots, but I would like to offer a post from a positive perspective as a new player (well 500+ hours now) who fall in love with the game (despite having a horrible launch experience, I mean I restarted on EU West after reaching 1080 on central, lost all my founder stuff, anyway :p).

First, let me start by saying that I don’t think the game is perfect (but what is) but I will focus on the aspects I like. Since T4C & Vanilla/BC WoW all MMORPGs bored me to death in one to 2 weeks max, with Lost Ark I finally found that “thing” again, every day I can’t way to finish work to play :slight_smile: I’ll also like to say before starting this post that the only money I put in the game was my founder pack & buying an additional character slot, so it’s kind of a f2p perspective (I mean I don’t buy gold).

The leveling experience (1-50) was excellent, some design & art of the dungeons you encounter during leveling are just breathtaking it was so fun, that even with the possibility to pay 600 gold to level to 50 I did it 3 times (sorceress/paladin & shadow hunter), quests are well design most of the optional quests followed the same path as the main quest a globally fun experience. It feels more like a hack and slash than an MMORPG, and I love that about this game.

After reaching Vern at first I was kind of worried and to be honest a little overwhelmed with all the new systems the game introduce (honing/ability stones/chaos/guardians/abyssal/unas) but after reading some guides on Maxroll I decided to do my islands (always wanted to be a pirate) to get my first pirate coin & a lot of mats. I also loved doing islands, a little microcosm every time. I did the same after reaching T2 and the fun was still here :slight_smile:

Chaos/Guardians: Chaos was a fun discovery too it’s basically a hack’s slash map inside an MMORPG, it’s fast, it’s fun, you feel like your character is overpowered, and it feels good. Guardians were fun too, a quick boss fight learning the combat system for the first time (counter/stagger,wp), we wiped a lot on your first Tytalos, but it just made is death more satisfying ^^

Then I had some extra time so why not try to get 100% on the first 3 regions, it was a bit of a grind but fun nonetheless, and I got a useless aura item for it ^^ At this point I decided to try to understand the world of the lost ark and watch some videos explaining the lore, and leveled my paladin without skipping all cinematic :stuck_out_tongue: I kept doing most of the region on my downtime (still missing Feinton, but all other continents are 70%+)

At this point, I decided to try abyssal dungeons, and it was hell. I was T2 at this point (with all my islands completed i was around 1050 ilvl), So I started with Sea of indolence, we wiped a few times, but it was fine, the same goes for Tranquil Karkosa. But after that, I wanted to do Alaric’s Sanctuary in pub. We wiped like 30 times on the last boss and half of the group rage-quitted, not a great experience. So I avoided abyssal for a week until a guild mate convinced me to try again we did all T1 with our reroll (still wiping a few times) and then started doing T2, and it was a lot of fun. Yeah, it’s hard, especially in pub groups, but when you clear it’s also really satisfying. Weirdly enough, I find the two t3 abyssal easier than the last T2 ^^

During this time I also discovered the calendar and timed events and I thought it was awesome, I mean you always have something to do, an island a boss, and now a race (cool event BTW) I started chasing ghost ships and doing una for the astray it’s slow, but it’s progressing ^^

I finally reached T3 and did the Punika main quest, starting upgrading my gear, I’m currently 1345. I see a lot of complaints because it’s hard to reach 1370, but I don’t see it as an issue, you have so much to do in this game.

Right now I’m focusing on my shadow hunter (I think I want to main it) and I still do my T3 dailies, but I’m not in a hurry to reach 1370. My main goal ATM is to reach T3 with my shadow hunter and of course complete the harem I’m slowly building in my stronghold.

Anyway that’s all for this post I just thought I was going to share my feelings about the game (I’m a little tired of seeing all the posts complaining about everything) ^^

(My characters, may their adventures continue for a long time!)


It’s fine that you love the game and I feel happy for you, that you can enjoy it like it is.
But your post is just buring all the problems the game has. For what? So Amazon or Smilegate don’t feel that bad that the game is a mess in the west?

I mean It’s your decision but think about that complainings or critics are important for a game. It’s not just a thing to let your anger free. Most ppl, like me, are doing it to improve the game because we like it. You have no idea how much my heart is bleeding.

And imo posts like yours are doing nothing but supporting the destruction of the game. Sorry but your post feels more like a fanboy jabbering compared to many critical post in the forum especially from veteran players who brought very good points and arguments why the game is a mess in it’s current state compared to other versions.
And our Version of LA is doing the exact mistake like the Korean version once had. The game is not f2p friendly. The director of LA changed alot of things to make the game more f2p friendly and give f2p players a good and realistic chance to catch up for new content. Our Version has almost nothing of these things. We are at the point were LA almost died in korea, just because of greed.

just read that and open your mind. It’s your decision but I think the man or woman who have written the post I linked loves the game much more than you.

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I’m genuinely happy that you are enjoying your time. I still love the game too and have been working on alts and my adventure tome etc as well. The people posting complaints are not complaining about everything by and large, we know the game can be better because it is in other regions. We are advocating for positive changes for the game.

Even if you are don’t feel you need to be 1370 now and are doing other things I feel it would be nice to have it be a reasonable option for most people who play as much as you, it currently is not. You want to enjoy your characters for a long time, I want the same thing but I worry if changes aren’t made then we won’t be able to.

Wow, chill. First I started by saying “the game is not perfect” because I expected this kind of reply. I’m just talking about my experience, in no way it invalidated constructive criticizing of the game it does not have to be one or the other, having a binary perspective on things only lead to conflict, not problem-solving. I did not mention the things I don’t like because like I said, I choose to focus on the positive aspects of the game in this specific post (like, so many choose to focus on the negative/problems with the game in theirs). What post like this do for the game is maybe not frighting a new player who checks out the forum for the first time, because if there is anything that can kill an MMO, it’s the lack of players. I’m all about giving more chance to f2p players, I’m one of them, this just was not the topic of this post.

To be clear: I’m not in any way saying that people should enjoy what I enjoy or be content to be ~1340 I’m saying I am. My post was not an argumentative one, it was just saying: “hey there is some cool stuff in the game, I enjoyed it.”

(Also, I did not play on KR, but I’m guessing the point you’re talking about (when LA almost died in Korea) was not 1 month after launch. Also, “catching up to new content” is a weird phrasing when game was launch 1 month ago in EU/NA, and we have currently no official timeline)


This release of the game did like 80% of things right and the other 20% wrong, yet that 20% is what ppl are talking on the forums, we are not letting anyone know that we actually really like the game, this kind of post is nesesary, you are trying to transform forums into resonance boxes for the same opinions only, wich is awful.
We need every opinion, b/c every opinion is valid, the crying on theese forums are depressing to say the least, amazon has heard the comunity even on things that where ridiculous, so a lil positivity wont kill them, believe me, they are still getting all the rest of the negativity, its just nice to see this kind of post once in a while


Nice random numbers. I don’t wanna discuss about whats wrong in the game, I think there are enough topics here that do this.

And ppl who always say other ppl cry, sorry I cannot take it seriously. Because crying is no one, they are just emotional for whatever reasons we don’t know. But their opinions is valid as well like you said before and to counter that with a random positive feedback is not really helpfull.

As I said it’s completly fine that ppl love the game like it is rn. But when ppl say the cannot see all the complains and stuff anymore, than I think they just try to bury the negative things. If it’s not the case, ok, sorry. But I’ll counter them too because I want changes for the game.

Except my post is not a counter it’s just a different perspective, I’m not saying negative feedback is wrong or invalid (I agree with most of the things in: a long term lost ark player’s take). It’s not random, it’s after playing the game for 500+ hours. And of course, positive feedback is useful, it’s what keep people in the game until they do the changes you demand.

I’m not trying to bury anything, I’m just trying to say that despite what is wrong with the current iteration of the game, I still love playing it. Anyway, I’ll stop arguing now, that was not the goal of this post.


Yes I understand that and I also think that positive feedback is good to encourage the devs to keep up the good work that they put in the game. But it will change nothing it will just keep the game like it is so imo we should adress issues first before we encourage the devs to keep the game like it is. That’s how we humans grow. We need negative feedback more than positive when want to be better. But positivity is always good for your mental health ^^
But anyway I hope most here can enjoy the game like you do in the future when they change something.

LA has a lot going for it. Artwork is beautiful and some of the music is really good too. The combat is the main thing keeping me in the game. Having an MMO with ARPG style combat is really fun. My friends who play feel the same. It’s interesting but not overly complex. Gearing is very nicely done and the hunt for great ability stones and accessories makes it feel like a classic ARPG. The issues with honing litter the forum, but in my mind the main issue is the rarity of items that increase honing % rates.

The T1 main story line comes up short for me. The Ark is nebulous and the villains are poorly described. I did enjoy Tortoyk and Changhun, which tell their own separate tales. Rohendel and Yorn were better and I’m looking forward to Peyton, though of course I’ve got a mountain of honing to grind through. Some of the islands are funny, like fighting a giant chicken or rescuing seagulls.

Abyssal dungeons are great. Chaos isn’t diverse or interesting enough but I do like the cube. I’m not a fan of Guardian raids but I also don’t feel compelled to do them daily. I’m looking forward to boss rush and of course raids when they fix the honing % so F2P players can access them.

I think if AGS moves quickly and decisively the game has a chance, but I’m losing hope. The store is too thin on mounts, skins, and pets, and the legions of bots in the 10-50 areas will put off anyone who joins the game now.


in short no one that has positive things to say has any right to express their opinions b/c according to you its going to harm the game since devs will only consider positive opinions… seriusly? i used those numbers b/c most of the game is great, there are some issues, just not nearly as many as the forums want to make devs believe, many of the complaining in the forum is baseless stuff based on feelings, including ppl complaining that RNG is rigged or demaning a roadmap this week… i dont want to dismiss the valid critisism on the real problems the game has, but come on, i hope you know that a part of this forum is just ppl crying for problems that dont even exist outside their heads, and there is a incredible level of entitlement, ppl think that they are owed what they want, even if the forum users are a minority ingame, most opinions expresed here are usually dismissed ingame, wich is always funny to see.

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Yeah, it’s crazy how fast you get flamed if you have one positive thing to say, let alone many. It’s like giving positive feedback negate theirs, which is just not the case, one thing can be good and bad.

Also @MorriganGrey: great points :slight_smile:

Ch1w4y -
In MY opinion, YOUR opinion/relpy post is doing nothing but supporting the destruction of the enjoyment others have in playing the game. Someone writes an intelligent, positive post about what they enjoyed in the game and you flame them. Shame on you.

Telling the developers/publishers what you enjoyed in a game is just as vaild and important as telling them what you didn’t enjoy. If you say “hey, I liked this…”, then maybe they will add more of “that”… and it also adds a bit more… hmmm… call it “validation” to any of your less positive input.

Look at it this way - if you go to work and day after day you have a co-worker that only says negative things to you, how long will it be before you tune them out? (How long do you think it’ll take the dev/publisher to tune out the same negativity published day after day in these forums?) Now what about the co-worked that smiles when they say hi to you, compliments your work, but then mentions something they “have concerns about”… I bet you’ll pay more attention to them than you would the negative guy!

So… Nadwen makes a post describing their generally positive gaming experience and slips in a few (less positive) observations like “after reaching Vern I was … a little overwhelmed”, “…we wiped a lot on (our) first Tytalos”, “try to get 100% on first 3 regions…bit of a grind…got a useless aura for it”, “I was around 1050 ilvl… I wanted to do Alarics’s Sanctuary in pub. We wiped 30 times on last boss and half the group rage quitted…” --this is all some great feedback for the dev/pub, offered in way that will probably get far more of their attention than your own “critical post(s) in the forum especially from veteran players… (about) why the game is a mess”.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss other player’s experience, don’t flame them for saying something positive (did you really just make a post flaming Nadwen for NOT making a negative rant??), and try to work on your people skills… you may be spending too much time on the computer.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, arena PvP is very fun and has a lot of depth to it

Well done! I enjoyed reading your post. It’s funny how many thing you wrote about exactly mirrored my own experiences in the game (good and bad)… up to where you wrote about trying the Abyssal dungeons - I haven’t taken that plunge yet. (I’ve only got 360 hrs in the game, myself.) I hope Amazon/Smilegate reads your post carefully because I think you gave a lot of great feedback that wasn’t just a gripe about everything wrong in the game.

(BTW, I’ve decided to follow your lead and try out a shadow hunter - you seem so impressed by it. [ …and as a side note, this sorta shows by example a point I made in a another post to someone else, something every good business management training course will tell you - offer a positive before you give a negative. If feedback isn’t entirely negative all the time, people will pay more attention to it.])

Ty :slight_smile:
My shadow hunter just got to T3 (1335 atm) and it’s still awesome. A big plus of the class on my server is that engraving books for Demonic Impulse are cheap (compare to sorceress/bard anyway) maybe less players, maybe a lot are playing suppression). Demonic Impulse is so fun with level 2/3 free crit a lot of uptime on demonic form lots of stagger / fast counter and big numbers and almost always MVP! (almost no death in guardians/abyss (maybe because I know their patterns after farming them on my sorc)

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