A possible solution for EU queues?

We all know the EU servers are all full and we’re suffering from gigantic queues.
What not everyone may know is that part (I would even dare to say a big part) of those queues come from players using autoclickers and macros to evade the anti afk system.

A solution could be having 3-4 automated 10 minute (or whatever is the lowest time) restarts of the servers at specific hours so players who are actually playing or trying to get in can take the scheduled restarts into account and all the autoclickers/macroes get disconnected. Of course, it is not the greatest solution, but it may help with the current congestion all servers are suffering right now.

If anyone else gets another and/or better idea, just post it here so maybe the CMs see it.

That’s a horrible idea. Having random restarts when you’re in raids and dungeons or PVP sounds like the absolute worst possible solution and an extremely bad gaming experience. Sorry…

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Just no. Rethink!

In addition this is not the fault from players already log if you can’t play

I said scheduled aka at specific times so players could be prepared. I already know this isn’t the greatest idea, at all, but in the short term we NEED something. In fact, that’s why I asked for different and better ideas.

It’s not closely to being an ok idea… It’s horrible. I would rather sit 7 hours in queue then experience rolling restarts. At least with the queue I know when I get in I’m going to be playing for as long as I want…

That’s the problem, the 7 hours queue. I work, a lot of people work as well or at least study, and honestly it is kinda impossible for me to actually play if I queue at 15~16 PM which is when I get home, this means I, or any other player in my place, MIGHT get in at 22~23 PM, and guess what? We gotta sleep so we can get up for work the next day. I don’t want to assume, so I won’t speculate about why you would be able to play as long as you want after eating a 7-hour queue, but I can assure you most people can’t. That’s why I propose SOMETHING, even if it is trash, as we actually need something workable in the short term while they fix everything.

Just make it so that as long as your in game or in character select, your crystallin aura ticks its time, while youre offline it does not. That way the ones paying wont afk to depleat their aura more tah enough and the ones not playing dont whaste time of their premium aura

I work a full day and have a busy life outside the game. I play when I get in, if I don’t get in or the queues are to big I don’t play, I do something else.

The game is super addictive and I would play it more if the queues were smaller, but I also know that this is the life of MMO players. This always happens, it never fails. No matter how much the developers believe it won’t, it does. So I know it will be shit for a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe two depending. But in the end the game will work flawlessly without queues and I’m gonna be happy I stuck with it.

Let’s at least give AGS and Smilegate a chance to do something. They are probably working on multiple solutions right now. Solutions they can’t talk about yet. Just stick with it, do other stuff if you can’t get in.

PS. Use Google Remote Dekstop to enter the queue on your phone when you’re at work. I do that all the time. I enter the queue at around 13-14 every day, and when I get home, I have time to relax, eat and then I get in at around 19-20. :stuck_out_tongue: