A punishment to fit the crime

Don’t ban RMTers.

Give them gold in the negative. 2x the gold they purchased in the negative.

Purchased 500k gold via RMT to get to +20? Hit them with a minus 1 million gold. Make them work it back.

No ability to list things on the market, only able to work it off by natural gold sources, selling items via direct trade (lmao), or swiping the " LEGAL " way.

Keep them in this limbo as punishment for the crime they’ve done. If they decide to royal crystal swipe? Amazon you will be making bank $$.


9000x the gold they purchases as negative. If no permanent ban, then make them regret to break the rules.

Definitely a number that makes sense in morality, however it’s probably so much that they’d quit. Gotta keep them playing in limbo or swiping to keep the servers afloat.

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Or, just perma ban them instead of doing something vindictive like that. They’re bound to either quit with a big negative balance or just go for more RMT gold and hope it goes under the radar.


Big amounts don’t go under the radar, they can easily flag the accounts so the system alerts about them on any sudden amount of gold income. The problem is that the actual punishement is a joke, I know people who bought a million gold and got only 3 days suspension, lost no items or gold

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We are wasting our time.

Yes because this kind of people get 3 days ban and then they are free with all the items and gold they had left. When the crime is worth people will do it, but I don’t know a single one that bought more than 100k gold that didn’t get suspended for 3 days tho, they sure know how to detect them, the punishment is just a joke


lol ags cash shop is rmt. punish the people who want to pay less. :roll_eyes: the fix would be to add a monthly charge and reduce p2w options. boom, bots go down, less gold in circulation, people are happier w the in game options.

will they? naaaa.


That’s just perma ban with extra steps, quite useless.

Anyways, game’s fucked. Ban all the rmters and bots - steam charts drop to 50k max, spread out all over tons of servers.

If it goes like this, only bots and rmt players will remain in 2 months. As a legit player, I no longer get any pleasure. I will play with destroyer for a few weeks and delete the game.

I regret that I didn’t rmt and use chaos bot in the first days of the game. I will never play korean mmo again. I will not play any of the Amazon games. It’s always the same story.

Pay to skip= hard pay to win…


Why not ban the bots? Only reason RMT would
Be punished is because Amazon/Smilegate is not recieving the money
Which I agree Smilegate getting $$ from P2W players is good but they’re allowing their “competition” to run amok

Why would anyone pay 5-10x more for less through the in game store when they can use a bot service

Are they even bothered. I’m starting to believe they’re getting cuts from illegal gold dealers, in return they don’t ban them.

I think i will do the same i will just consider the $$$ spent to be a total loss and additional frustration. Can’t compete with those guys just leave it, it will gradually become like Maple story where right is only cheater and bot in the game.

This game is completely broken. You can do anything with Gold. This game is a p2w and bot friendly game. They coined a term called “pay to skip” to make this game look good. People who have been using chaos bot 24/7 for months still haven’t been banned. 99% of rmt players who bought millions of gold were not banned.

I reported an rmt player I was 100% sure of to amazon with proof but they did nothing.The bot problem will not end until “all Rmt players” are banned.


Many Youtubers upgrade their characters with rmt. While these youtubers had 2k gold a day ago, they have 200k gold a day later. Currency exchange histories are empty. (100% rmt)

Amazon doesn’t ban bots because the actual player count is 60% less than the current player count. Thus, they are trying to increase the number of potential new players. Do you really think 600,000 players are playing this game? Even in the “new world” there were fewer bots. xd

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RMTers are the ones willing to spend money on this game while F2P crying about AGS not punishing them…
AGS has to fix the “root” , ban players that runs chaos with script and bot farmers.

bans dont work with rule breakers because they have big egos, lots of narcissism. You have to humiliate them until they quit from being unable to handle repeated self inflicted punishment.

For stuff like chat offenses, a simple chat ban may suffice, but for habitual rule breakers who have zero respect for anything and constantly commit serious offenses, you have to humiliate them as hard as you can.

For example, you can create a specific crash error, when an account is flagged for RMT you can have the game server close their client with this crash error at a random point every time they try to do any content. chaos dungeon, cube, boss rush, guardians, abyss, etc etc. when they make support ticket with this error, they will be informed that its a known issue. when they come to the forums, everyone will know only people flagged for RMT get that error, and they will be laughed at by the community and become enraged.


Ban all rmt players and post their nicks on your official site. Upgrade Steam accounts to trusted status for a one-time $5 fee. Ban all bots. So they have to give $5 per account for dozens of accounts. If they are banned early, they will incur financial damage over time.

Especially ban youtubers/streamers who use rmt. Only an aggressive attack will stop them.

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you’re not actually spending money on a game if the company that runs the game isn’t getting the money. For all you know you could be sponsoring human trafficking or terrorism to get some video game currency.

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No way dude. There’s good amount of bots, but no way in hell as much as your estimate. There are more players than bots for sure. at worst it’s a 70% / 30% ratio. Which is already humongous. But a lot of people like this game. As unlikely as it seemed initially.