A Question about Abandoning Quests

If i abandoned a roaster quest can i retake it?
i had a time limited quest and i failed it so i abandoned it can i retake it?

Don’t know how it works when u wanna do the quest with an alt, but u can deffenitly continue the quest on the character u started it with.

so if i start the quest in my alt i can continue it on my main or am i wrong?

Thats what I’m unsure about, what i was trying to say is that u can just finish the quest on the character u started it with.

You can re-take all quests that you abandon or fail except red quests.
Red quests however, are never roster quests, so you can do them again with an alt.

The answer is, AFAIK, “depends”. IIRC it depends on which step you are on. If you find you cannot progress on a different character try to complete e step or two on the character that got it in the first place (or just abandon and re-take it)
(mind you, this is dated info from a build different than the western one, YMMV)

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Thank you🙏🏼

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