A question about the Story express

I just started to play this game after the Artist’s release. I was meant to select the Artist as my story express character, but I accidentally picked another DPS character. I want to ask if it is possible to deselect my current choice and change it to a new character. I haven’t claimed any reward yet. Appreciate any response.

Not possible but you can use powerpass for artist.

Finish story until you complete Punika, and you will get 1340 power pass from event. Will basically end up the sane with only regret you can’t play Artist trough the story.

A blessing in disguise to be honest, doing the story on a dps would be faster, and once you hit punika, you’ll get a powerpass/express event to use for your artist.

fyi powerpass will take your artist straight to ilvl 1340

Basically as above.
You cannot swap once selected. But its advisable to level as a dps, just works slightly better. You will gain a powerpass to use on teh artist to skip everything.

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