A question for you all

I have a question for you all.

Feedback is very important to the team as a whole, and while constructive criticism is helpful so are posts that list things you’re enjoying about Lost Ark! Gives the team ideas of things they can work on or add in.

Could you list here something you’re really enjoying about Lost Ark?

I would appreciate it, thank you!


I really enjoy raiding with my static. We had a lot of fun doing Valtan blind for around 10 hours, really appreciate the experience.


I really loved messing with character customization, but sometimes transferring from the character screen to in-game models (despite being able to see it in the character creation) I change my mind a lot. I would love to be able to purchase a customization ticket using blue crystals regardless of price.


Positive - i really enjoy having content to do everyday…I also really enjoy not being gimped on class releases by pretending to not need power passes and forgetting every region got one for every class.

And now the negative - As of right now everything is weekly and i have no need to log into the game more than an hour a day. Most competent people have cleared your months update by day 2.

I have enjoyed working on my adventure journal, it’s almost complete now but it has been a lot of fun and gave me a reason to participate in all areas of the game and really engage with the wealth of content lost ark has to offer


I really enjoy the combat and despite some peoples complaints I enjoy the overall progression system. I do wish it was a bit easier to acquire gold though. That seems to be the main bottleneck for any reasonable progress at the moment.


I enjoy supporting groups, creating consistent successful runs that result in a super positive post-game chat.

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I enjoy the wild wing island event because it is hourly and repeatable. Unlike adventure islands, I can only do on weekends and days off due to work schedule.

Basically, if events are more open in terms of time slot availability, then it’s a plus for me.


Patch note clarifications
If changes are made to classes/skills/tripods can we have the before values with the new updates values, to get a better look at how much of a change went into place?

the +45.0/52.0/59.0/67.0/75.0% Sounds great, but having the before values gives a much better picture of how big of a change that was


Running Valtan with a static is a lot of fun, looking forward to all the future legion raids. We did get outselves locked out from the raid due to maint but hopefully we get our tickets soon.

I like:

  • New classes being added.

I don’t like:

  • Not being able to do content that has a lockout after it’s been cleared. Let me do them without rewards afterward.

  • Having to wait for this chest opening animation when opening item containers.


I’m liking:

  • Improvement in communications
  • legion raids have been fun so far
  • liking having vertical content to work towards
  • having multiple new events (chaos line, challenge guardians, chicken) per patch
  • looking forward to seeing that roadmap next week

I’m disliking:

  • bot/rmt situation still painful
  • honing situation unchanged for people who are months behind

the fact i get locked out of a content that just released because of a global disconnect of ags servers and can’t do anything about it and have to pray that i get a ticket in 48hours ! amazing don’t change the system don’t help anyone. super enjoyable

I love customizing my character for hours and love catching a really nice name that frees up. I do wish names were server tied instead of region but catching really good names is super exciting for me.

For in game I love Adventurer’s Tome and other casual things like Stronghold I would love to see expanded on.

If anyone has any qt food names on NA East that are collecting dust, hello please give. ty

Edit: Right, my passion right now is chasing Wandering Merchants for rapport items. :ok_hand:

I really enjoy the overall progression system. and I love how healers are not seen as useless. However the pvp queue has to be more organized. sometimes getting 3 supports in a match is unfair to 3 dps. The new legion raid is super fun and hopefully well get more like it in the future. My team did get locked out after the maintenance even though we did not complete it. I am not sure if we will be getting our tickets back

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Supporting teams/My Guild in content & doing official events like Naruni Racing/Guardian/Chicking Island thing. Most fun for me.

Awaiting Artist to have even more fun doing the first thing.

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So far the only thing I’ve been enjoying is the gameplay, smashing things over and over is pretty fun. But being a person that miss the founders packs and being starved of leaps/gold its been very hard to keep up to the crowd.

Defiantly isn’t fun spending 10 hours in a chaos for a little artesian energy. Already done all my weekly’s/pirate ship and got a whopping 5 gear score XD That’s with 600 leapstones banked up. One day I wont have to sell literally all unbound mats just to tap a few times hopefully XD.

Ill be seeing valtan hard in maybe 2 weeks if Im lucky.

EDIT: I’m just dying to get back into well for the 6 leap stones. (half a hone) LOL, cant even spend gold to get a few extra leaps.

EDITx2: BOUND TO ROSTER PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the about 2k leap stones on my alts would be fancy for my main

EDITx3 fixing fps issues with field bosses/chaos gates would be nice too, ik i dont have a super computer but ive never had a game literally freeze for 20 seconds or so when the boss spawns. Yes I have all low details and only foes set for display. Does jack it feels like. I have to solo them because i feel like im complete burden so i dont lfg, then i get sometimes literally no drop because of the lag being so bad.

Officially decided today to go on Daily log in mode/rested only… hope one day stuff actually starts getting fixed. bots/inflation/rmt/high level chaos bots. isnt worth doing anything other then those now because bots/rmt ruin everything, its why i quit wow classic.

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Oh! This is something they could improve on. Like LoL or Kr patch notes, have the comparison of changes would be wonderful!

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funny part is that ppl that can do hard mode valtan cant even do it do to lack of supports xD


I really enjoy and love the character customization!
Now that we get slowly more and more Skins there are more options for us to style our characters a we love to.
Got my sorc a new haircut since we got these absolute beautiful new hairstyles with the newest patch.
Like @ticklemybickle said an option for us to buy a customization ticket for blue crystals would be nice and mabye the option of an hairdresser!
I really love the new hairstyles and would like to have them on all of my characters but 7x 800 royal crystals is a bit too much for just changing the hair :slight_smile:

But overall i’m pretty happy with the game, i love the casual content, i love the battle content (the bots are bit annoying :grimacing: but i can only imagine how hard this fight is) but yea one of my favorite games for sure :slight_smile:

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