A question for you all

I love the entire Warrior Roster! Have a 900 paladin, 1340 gunlancer, 1402 berserker, and the 1385 destroyer who I adore!

The events are fun and generous for how simplistic they are.

The story is actually pretty good for an mmo. Scenery and locales are expertly made.

Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing it to the west!

I enjoy the variety of content and that it really makes sense and fun to play an Alt. This way I found out, that I enjoy playing a bard very much.
The huge amount of things that can be done is sometimes overwhelming though, and I really can’t do everything with all my chars on a daily basis. So all of them have the bonus somewhere :laughing:

I really like the islands, always different quests, sometimes riddles, sometimes fight, you never know what you get.
Lots of different challenges in the game anyway. That is cool. No matter how hard it might be (like f.e. Sublime Island - or: the Tower)

I very much dislike the fact, that at some point a char cannot rise the gear without raiding. I would raid from time to time, to me this is a very interesting other part of the game, but I do not want to be forced into that.

Ah, big dislike: the new gardening at the stronghold… where are my flowers?

Skin customization, raiding with friends, enjoying the views with vistas, soundtrack on starligth isle,

Panties, combat and raids are awesome.

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The event guardian raids we just had were much more enjoyable than the standard guardians.

-Multiple guardians helped filling out the big empty maps
-Fighting 2 or 3 at the same time was fun
-Powering up felt satisfying
-Once per day is better than twice per day
-Much quicker (yes easier) than standard guardians

Perhaps we could have 1 standard and 1 event type every day?

This post should be seriously looked at for feedback if your team hasn’t already

Also, communication needs massive improvement.

To add, a global build that follows KR would be nice.

Posting on the forums while waiting for my class to release xqcL1

Honestly though, my favorite part of the game is probably just hanging around in hubs with people or taking screenshots. I don’t care if ppl find that funny, it is what it is.

Uh! There are a couple of things I really like/ enjoy:

  • The combat. Not that surprising but…it simply feels great.

  • I really, really like the character customisation. I always appreciate the ability to create something pretty and unique! I also really appreciate that there are options for everybody. And personally, as a woman, I like that there are sexy AND elegant clothing options. Variety is always great.

  • The Tower. Kind of. It is a love-hate relationship but I reaaaally like the fact that there is something that is kind of a little solo-challenge.

  • Mounts! I am very suprised how many mounts can be earned ingame and really appreciate it. I am not greedy, I already spend quite a bit on cosmetics, the preorder etc…I just really like to be rewarded for activities. Rewards always feel great.

  • I kind of like the stronghold. The only thing I don’t really like is the lack of customisation as of now. I would reeeally like to change the musik and the lighting. Especially the latter. The Fortress is very bright and a bit uncomfortable to look at for too long (for me). An option would be great.

  • Epic story moments. Not really the story itself…but the presentation. Even though I do like some characters! (Kharmine, Levi, Therian…etc.)

  • Lifeskills are chill.

  • The little romancy bits. Beeing able to flirt a little bit bith the NPCs is cute and fun :smiley: Not Bioware-lvl romances of course…but fun! A little bit more depth for the different personalities would be great. Not everybody has to be likeable. Especially some of the female characters could use a tad more personality in my opinion.

  • The Island-System in general! I think it is a great way for the devs to go ham on the creativity part! I haven’t seen all of the island yet, but I hope they will use them (among other things) for some more cool storytelling. Maybe some mystery solving (just an idea!)

Here is a suggestion:

Stop your bait n’ switch with mounts in the store.

Positive :

  • Gameplay of classes is gripping.
  • Dungeon and Abyss encounters are fun.
  • Level design and overall graphics are beautiful for this kind of game with a 3D isometric camera style.

Negative :

  • The progression system isn’t what I like the most when it comes to play a game that requires a lot of hours/grind. Being locked far behind either during the story or while pushing the content due to my ilevel (or the ilevel of my friends) can ruins the fun.
    Not being able to attempt a specific raid because members of the same guild haven’t been lucky enough with their honing sessions is annoying…

  • The timed events and everything around them could be tweaked a bit to make the game less time consuming :
    a) Adventure Islands - It would be nice to be able to access these more often, or even at any time of the day, instead of having to have the very specific timers we currently have. And even more, being able to access it past 11 pm. A friend, who works during the day until very late has missed almost every Adventure islands reward because he couldn’t log into the game before 11 pm.

  • The Pheon system.
    Having to pay an extra tax to buy an equipment in the auction house is already annoying, but having to pay a tax when it comes to transfer an item to our own characters is beyond my mind.
    The pheons given for free might be “enough” to buy some pieces to gear up one character, maybe two or three at best, but it won’t be enough to sustain a whole roster of 6 characters. And pheons cost a lot of gold…
    It’s even more annoying that I remember being able to transfer equipment for free during the first weeks of the game. So things seem to have been changed for whatever reason, which, in the end, penalize the players…

  • The gold generation.
    I wish there could be more activities that give gold. The current ones are weekly ones or scheduled at very specific hours through the adventure islands.
    Being able to make gold by selling items is also difficult due to the Pheons preventing most players to buy random pieces of stuff to gear their alt characters.

  • The lifeskill energy.
    I like being able to farm things a lot when I’m done with my usual activities. Not being able to do a lot of farm due to a limited amount of energy isn’t very fun.

Side note, there are more negative than positive points in my post, which could lead to the conclusion “why does he keep playing ?”. The answer would be that when I enjoy something, I don’t hesitate to be even more loud about things I dislike or about things that bother me through this hobby.

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Positives - I like having something to do every day, tho thats probably cause of the content rush so i work on alts etc daily.

Combat is solid but im biased as ive played KR/RU xD

Progression is good compared to most KR MMOs released in the West.

Changes made to crystalline aura and pets for the West is SOLID.

Improved communication by the team is showing and its great.

Negatives - Not being able to enter weekly content despite me getting the rewards, it stops me from helping my friends or you know simply running them to improve.

Reskin ticket not being available for Blue Crystals. Paying 10 bucks just to change hair is daylight burglary, or add a barber just for hairstyle changes for silver or gold would be nice.

Replacing presets left a bitter taste in my mouth, so i hope those come back.

Fear of censorships, i know nothing was hardcore censored yet but a lot of censorship requests
ive been seeing are tone deaf and meaningless, the game should be played the way it was intended to be played.

PvP doesnt seem to get a lot of promotion and i feel like AGS could improve on that department.

Voice acting needs improvement SPECIALLY for Elgacia, as someone who cares for the story and lore its really important for it to be good. Also English localization needs some improvements here and there, a lot of typos during rapport quests.

Overall tho im happy with the game and the pace we get balance changes and quality of life stuff.

PS: I wouldnt mind Char slot tickets costing blue crystals either :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Valtan was the highest but now the lowest point for me now that the re-entry ticket is bugged and my static is locked out with no support from AGS.

didnt mean to reply to you san i guess i hit the wrong button lol
I’de say my biggest gripes outside of not having my class :stuck_out_tongue: is the slow temp skin the game has plenty of skin themes for you guys to charge out through the year and at the current snails pace it’s like dead money sitting in my steam wallet… And the pheons. Overall enjoying the game kinda taking it slow till my scouter/artist shows up so i still have plenty to do atm. Overall been playing it for years on noff between Ru and jpn so glad to have it home where i don’t have to go thru extra steps to play and being able to spend my own $ on it now but again the tempo that the skins/mounts are coming are very slow to my liking.

I don’t think anybody who has a problem with the skin tempo right now is expecting to be caught up with ALL THE SKINS but if you take a look at the skin collection as a whole at the rate we are going we will have prob bout 5% of what Kr/ru/jpn has gotten. The only things i could think of why you guys would hold them is you 're worried you won’t have enough merchandise to sell during a “dry period " or w/e but there is pleanty of skins for that maybe SG just isn’t giving you guys enough skins is the problem but still or maybe you are holding them to sell for themes"shrug” , i am just patiently waiting for my Scouter and Tron cycle .

Combat and raids

What I like:
-Game experience in general
-legion raids
-abyss dungeons
-all events so far

What I’d like to see:
-new skins
-new mounts
-barber for hairstyles
-skin library, where you can select skins you already own

What I don’t like:
-the increasing toxicity within the community over the next class. I have a feeling that no matter what class comes, it will get worse. In every post there is a constant discussion about which class has more right to be released. At the same time I feel more and more hatred against the other classes. If you look in the class related treads, you see between each hype, more and more people hating against it. All trying to find reasons why their classes have the right to be released.

Release all classes at the same time. I know from a business standpoint it wouldn’t make sense, but sell power passes in the store. just don’t give them away for free anymore.

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I really love raiding and can’t wait to get to Valtan! I also really love to play with different classes because I think all of them is really fun, and also can’t wait for new classes to come out and new outfits since I love to dress up my characters and I love pretty outfits :cherry_blossom::two_hearts:
The only thing I don’t really like is that we can’t change our characters hair anytime we want and we have to buy a full character customisation coupon even tho I just want to change the hair. This is what I loved in games like ESO, where I could just change my characters hair anytime I wanted and did it multiple times a day depending on my mood. It would be really nice if we had a hair salon like thingy or at least if we could buy a customization ticket with blue crystals.:pleading_face: Or I would even imagine something like the dye system, an NPC where you can take a token bought by blue crystals for example and use it to change the hair.

Enjoying playing at my own pace. Like all the islands and activities on them to do with other people. I like the new items in the dressing room, picked up 4 outfits for my 4 characters. I like the sailing. Una’s tasks and weeklies are fun for me.

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We need API

I won’t be mad if we get reaper before arcana😏 she seemed pretty cool

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