A Rant From a Dedicated Lost Ark Player

This is a rant of a frustrated player on the overall systems that AGS patches.

Why are we not getting the MOST up to date version of systems? This issue has gotten better as of the latest Valtan patch, most noticeably the alt + Q interface and new auction house UI. However, this stuff should be here on day 1. The most recent case of outdated UI is the guild system. The time slots are all over the place and the interface is outdated. There is no explanation for the guild and the last two weeks has been a cesspool of disappointment from guildmates. The few videos on GvG is from the RU version which uses a completely different UI. I am tired of playing a shitter version of lost ark, I am tired of demanding explanations just to hear silence. Why can’t AGS just release the Korean version of Lost Ark and just block off hyper end game content. As of now playing this Frankenstein of bugs and old system is just torture. The worst thing is, I can bet my f2p +20 weapon that none of the people working at amazon even plays this game.

I’m just tired of seeing a great game being beat to death by garbage publishers.


Your complaint in terms of “why can’t we have Korea’s version” is a little shallow. It’s not as easy as just “moving” it over to NA. The code has to be ported, it has to be translated. All the files and assets, once the code has been corrected, need to be translated as well so it’s not in Korean.

Patience. Have some.

F2p BTW. + 20 weapon F2p kek. Imagine still flexing on a rant post. common zoomer

Just keep on complaining, there is a reason they are the game publisher and not you. Go make your own company then.

But still imagine that hidden flex. f2p btw


Who gives a F***K? No we are not playing a shittier version than Russia. It is much better and it will only get better


sounds like you’ve never programmed before :joy: :rofl:

It is a valid question, why not start NA/EU on the latest *systems*, and keep the content you don’t want released hidden. Not a question of porting over anything, just why was this not done to begin with?

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Sounds like you have no manners lmfao

Big coder guy over here. Go work for AGS then lmao oh wait, you probably don’t even have a programming job.

Tell me you don’t know the first thing about coding/development without telling me.

edit: really glad people said the same thing before me