A really bothering question about future content

Not sure if you can answer these questions but I think it helps to clarify and calm the community a little.

  1. regarding class release:
    if class release is going to be 1/month (according to roadmap assuming) then what is the plan or any idea of catch up methods?
    Even with a Punikas pass from 1302-1415 (valtan) is painful to bear with. Not to mention the possible latest class could be 7 month after when there’s more content and higher ilvl

  2. Even with possible pass
    If providing a pass that will give 1370 gear (argos) won’t that be a slap in the face for the rest of player who put their time and effort into the game for gearing up to argos and possible valtan release.

I just think it’s a problem your company have to face sooner or later (ex: destroyer near valtan release) just hoping if you could answer these questions @Roxx

Lost ark thinks class is content, so they’ll release it accordingly: Slow.

Unlike BDO or ESO, LA knows that weekly raids, dailies and legion raids aren’t really that fun, and the fact that alts are mandatory is also another fault.

So they’ll release classes slow as fuck bc tbh they don’t really have anything else to offer.

I have a hard time understanding your points.

AGS is very keen on not giving out any information unless it is 120% guaranteed. Big part of the community acts entitled and try to be the loudest voice just to attack AGS for not meeting expectation or plans, that’s why we got roadmap very, very late and still is labelled as tentative.

Needless to say, we already get a powerpass to Feiton. Punika is probably coming after Valtan, I don’t think it’s coming with Valtan personally.

Catch up mechanics are in KR very favourable because every single KR player says that the real game starts at Abyssal Raids. It can only benefit the game and the players when players can skip what they don’t like about.

The slow class releases have most likely one thing in mind: Satisfy current, new and returning players, and are probably used to prevent too much retention. For some players it causes to think “Oh my main comes in a month, I should try farm in the meantime”, others will think “Oh the class I want to play will finally be here, I should join the game now” or “Finally, now I can login and experience the end game content I’ve been waiting for since I’ve left couple months ago”.

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That’s the positive part, true but why would this even be a problem to catch to the raid and rush so bad just to raid with your friends when you are 1302 while they 1445 doing valtan let’s say