A series of criticism and questions

Why the skip from 1 to level 10?! You just removed like a fifth of the progression from the game.

Unskippable cut scenes except after the first playthrough are horrible.

Prologue camera angles are horrible, really unclear where you’re supposed to click and it feels awkward.

Why should we have to go through the class tester for classes that only have one advanced class?

When you finally finish testing you get to choose between classes, suppose I change my mind and want to test again? No way to go back and test except for leaving the game and going back to character select screen.

Why are some potions battle items and bound to number keys and others to F1-12 keys?

Default keybinds make no sense, QWER / ASDF has been long standing in ARPGs and MOBAs but then why map ultimates to Z and X when (for example) German/Swiss/Alsatian/Luxembourgish/Belgian keyboards have Z and X reversed? Why not bind T instead? I feel like there needs to be more variation in the control scheme for the game with different layouts. The default one to me at least could be improved upon, at least, the rate at which one acquires skills and abilities for each class needs to be slowed down to allow new players to adjust to more and more buttons.

The last one is more of a question, when the BETA ends, will I have to download the whole game over again or can we just get an update to the release?

Exp scales up, 1 to 10 is about 5% of the total exp required. There was a prologue before for every major class, it changed all into one as you can read about it in the CBT Faq.

Items that can only be bound on the lower bar are for stanced or end game content where usage is limited, then again you can rebind a lot of your keys.

Again, you can rebind hotkey on the in-game hotkey menu.

No one knows but judging by the current available content and the amount of bugs, audio missing and things that will be fixed and changed you will most likely have to download the entire client again.

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Amazon mods stated you WILL need to redownload

Why skip?

Do you read tho? different potions are different.

Yo I never thought of this idk why this isn’t a thing already

Do you read tho? different potions are different.

Learn to read and you’ll understand what he means.