A short story about failure

Thursday june 23rd started out like any other reset over the past few weeks, collected my weekly materials from various sources (ship, pvp, bloodstones) did my daily guardians chaos dungeons and una tasks and got ready to find a group capable of clearing Valtan hardmode. I joined a group doing gate one without using wei and thinking about the prior week clearing this gate without wei with a popular streamers group (Stoopzz) I was dreading the next few hours to say the least, but was going to tuff it out for this is the week i get my last piece of relic gear I need from Valtan, the weapon! To my surprise not only did we one shot gate one we also one shot gate two with only one death, wow this is a good week, easy HM clear and I get my weapon I thought. I crafted my weapon spent a little over 1k gold rerolling its quality and ended up with a quality of 86, this I was happy with! I unlocked my current weapon and had a hour to kill before I could do the gear transfer, watched a few youtube videos checked back and still had another 7 minutes, realized I had a few pieces of tripod gear I could attempt to skill transfer to kill time. This is where everything went wrong I QUICKLY tried to skill transfer everything that was a upgrade, failure after failure but nothing I didnt expect, played a five minute game of chess and went to finally gear transfer my weapon… It was gone, I had a tripod in the weapon that was better than the tripod on my gloves and only in that moment did I realize I skill transfered my Relic weapon and to add insult to injury the skill transfer was a failure, I am defeated and angry with the world but I will pick myself up grind out two more weeks of HM Valtan and get my long awaited relic weapon once more.

Tldr. Skill transfered my relic weapon deleting it and flushing over 10k gold down the toilet KEKW


that’s a big oof man. feelsbad. why did you have to wait 1hr before gear transfer?

Did the same thing with an armor piece back when argos launched, set me back by a week and wasnt much gold either fortunately, but annoying nonetheless, big rip for a 10k+ weapon though holy shit

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The toughest part of this is the 86 quality. Lots of people have 10s of thousands of gold invested into quality re-rolls just to be stuck with 50-60 quality.

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Thats why you take your time …what benefit would it have had if you skill transferrwd your tripod 15s faster than if you took that time to pause, read, and organize

This person has clearly never made a mistake in their life. What a wonderful life it must be.

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Ouch - 86 quality is really good… I’m sorry for your loss.

I got 76 quality first tap and I’m just settling with it… Not even gonna try to go higher lol.

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:smiling_face_with_tear: i’m sorry for your loss


Had my weapon locked to prevent accidently deleting it, the coold down to unlock is an hour and you cant gear transfer till that timer is over.

Thanks @Roxx :slight_smile:

Yeah that parts ruff, hoping the rng gods will bless me with a 100% from my 2 week set back.

All hail RnGesus, may he bless ye.

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may your tale exist as a life lesson and forewarning to others <3


We learn from hastey mistakes.

For me, a few weeks back, casually smashing out the procyon chaos rift, comes to the map bid and i think “oooh ill start with a cheeky 1666 bid”.


16666 bidded.


Not the end of the world but i certainly double check now before i bid haha :laughing:

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sounds like the lock feature backfired

Lol i’ve done exactly the same the last week but with a third relic piece.

But it’s not a big deal for me as it was not a part of the set i’m targeting.
It was just for having a second two set bonus from another one.

Noneless i retain the lesson, always lock your new pieces.

in the settings there is an option that lets you hone/transfer locked items, something to keep in mind if in the future u dont want to wait 1hr

It is OoOOoooOoofft indeed

Ouch… rolled a 86 too??? Ive spent over 70k at 54 quality still…

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Oof - brutal man, you hate to see it.

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