A small request for a statement regarding RMT

Hello Lost Ark Team,

I’m not much of a forum user - I tend to just enjoy the games I play and have all my community interactions be in game. But this is a topic that I feel I had to at least try to reach AGS or Smilegate for a feedback, and the forums I think is the only official way to.

As I stated, I tend to just play the game. I don’t usually engage in the rabble of forums or discussions about meta, flavor of the month, etc - I just enjoy playing. I also don’t mind spending on the game. I don’t want to make this post about how much I spend, but I’m sure AGS or Smilegate can see the account tied to this amazon account that I do spend on the game the same amount as a high-end hobby, because to me, this is my hobby. Games. Not just Lost Ark, but in every game I play, I don’t usually look at the prices; I just look at whether or not I want it, and if I do, I don’t give it a second thought. I don’t say this to brag or to flaunt, but just as a context for the next paragraph.

Illegal RMT is discouraging me not from spending, but from playing the game in general. It’s easy to say “you’ve spent a lot anyway, and you don’t care about the price, just spend more” - and I would have agreed with that statement up until a week ago. See, I didn’t fully grasp how big of a difference RMT was. I was under my own ignorant bubble of RMT just costing slightly less than selling crystals. I was surprised to find out it’s at least 400% more efficient to RMT than to sell crystals. Just because I’m fortunate enough to have the luxury of spending as much as I have without much thought doesn’t mean I enjoy being ripped off. If a user breaks Amazon’s rules and gets unpunished for it, why must we follow the same rules they broke? If the punishment is just a three day ban and the balance being zero, that is a bargain and can just be considered additional cost. If I can spend the amount that I did and gear up 6 characters I enjoy to 1525, get level 10 gems, all the golden books that I want, and all it would cost me is a fraction of how much I already spent and maybe a 3-15 day break from the game, I would absolutely take that, and come back as soon as I can to enjoy my purchase.

Regardless of how people feel about whales, I think everyone is united in the sentiment that this unfairness is severely detrimental to the game. I want to go back to my initial statement of how I am not a forum-goer - I tend to just enjoy the game, spend, and if I end up not liking a game I just leave. I have enjoyed Lost Ark enough to make the extra effort to come to the forums and submit feedback. I’m one person that was bothered enough to do this. I can confidently say there are others like me, who have spent like me, likely spent more than me, that have just or are already walking away due to the lack of acknowledgement or statement about RMT.

Why is this thread focusing on spending and people that spend? Because bringing it up is the only thing I can think of to catch Amazon’s attention. I may not be a forum-goer, but the sentiment that Amazon only listens to whales is spread out very clearly in-game. I could have brought up this topic without mentioning my spending habits, but I feel that bringing it up, and knowing that Amazon can look at my account’s history, can hopefully add some weight to this feedback.

In conclusion, Amazon Game Studios, please at least acknowledge that there is an illegal RMT problem. Announcing that you are taking care of the bots without acknowledging the REASON the bots exist is unfortunately painting the picture that you don’t care about the RMT, and that you’re just reacting to the growing complaints about queue times. And the whole meme of “a kingdom ruled by fear is not worth ruling” as an official response to why RMTers are not banned is I can only hope an ongoing joke with the community and not an actual response from someone representing Amazon Game Studios. Please acknowledge the RMT problem, the steps you’re taking or will take to combat it, and actual repercussions.

Thank you, and I hope this message reaches the Smilegate and AGS Teams.


Thank you for being a legit player and I agree with most of your post


I feel you OP. I wish people like you were actually recognized for their fair play even with your wealth and free time. You would think there would be some sort of “Loyalty” program for people that actually put their money into the game directly and not a 3rd party. “Hey, thanks for continuing to buy through our cash shop during a time when RMT and botting is rampant. For your continued support through this frustrating time, have some extra on the house.” And over time you would accrue more rewards or loyalty for your continued support/transactions. But I can’t even realistically suggest this since AGS would capitalize and it greedily monetize it all to hell and make p2w in some form or fashion through a “Loyalty” program. It’s like leaving a child in an empty room, somehow they always destroy it.


hey man, thank you for your self-control and reframing from RMTing, not that I can blame you for RMT if you do.

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Just another case of how poor decisions to temporarily bans cheaters effect legit players

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Well thought out and written message. However, I highly doubt AGS will read it nore will they listen to follow through.

At this rate, the only thing that will get their attention is us boycotting the Mari shop.

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I share your sentiment bro, it’s so sad to see this game slowly bleeding dry… I’ll enjoy it as much as I can while I can, ultimately it’s not our responsibility to keep it alive nor do we have any power to influence anything ags do it seems…

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Reading you was something like that

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Come on man be a little fair or can you? He said he never goes on forum and it’s his first post ever, he asked ags to look at his transaction just to prove he is what he is… he just making a point. I am sorry that you can only see he’s rich…

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Chad for being legit, keep staying legit.

Lets hope this stuff gets fixed so people like you that don’t even come to the forums but have frustrations can stop being screwed over as well.

You guys support the game not RMTers. You guys shouldn’t be getting shafted…

This big ban wave is giving me my last bit of hope for sure… but only time will tell if filth gets cleaned or not.


Thank you for coming to the forums to share your perspective.

Tagging @Roxx and @Shadow_Fox in the hopes that they will see this feedback, and share it with the Smilegate / AGS team.

It is worth noting that for every 1 person who goes to the trouble to register and make noise about a faulty or defective product, there are at least 9 others that will say nothing and simply drift away. Please do not let our benevolent, non-RMTing whales just drift away Smilegate / AGS. :pray:

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Kept your dignity intact, an honorable whale.

If they don’t permaban RMT not only will it kill this game(kinda has already imo) but every single game involving AGS will already be rejected before they even see the title.(kinda has already imo)

I’m so bummed out right now, im waiting for people to confirm RMT players returning after recent bans.

If they return, im gone for good.

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bump this for the lovely op

stay classy adventurer



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This is already in the game in Korea, it’s called Mileage. Some of the skins you need to have collected $2,000 worth of mileage tokens in order to buy a skin.

AGS made a statement this system isn’t coming to our version. Which I think is a major oversight on how impactful it can be.

The only way to get the exclusive mileage skins, is mileage tokens. Which can only be got through spending money in-game.

It might not stop RMT but it would definitely incentive players to spend in game over RMT if they wanted the exclusive skins.


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bump for op

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Thank you for the support, friends. The communication they presented for the 30th of June update was great! It had so many things to look forward to. However, there was no mention of users doing illegal RMT. While I love Lost Ark and truly enjoy the game, the feeling of resentment is building up. I haven’t stopped supporting Lost Ark and played daily, however having no mention of the cause of the economy going haywire just seems to signal that they either do not believe RMT is an issue or they do not care about said issue. A three day ban is laughable.

Over the past week since making this post, I have been exploring the forums, and clearly this sentiment against RMT is very visible that I don’t think the CMs are missing it; in fact I saw some CM comments within threads about RMT, but never revealing much. The feedback and general sections are filled with people bringing the issue up. Although I don’t believe the CMs are to blame; they likely are not the ones making the decisions, but seeing the overwhelming amount of posts regarding this topic and not a single communication regarding it is just making it abundantly clear that this is not in their higher-ups’ priorities. The bots are being addressed, that is true. We can feel the bots presence being lessened. But the reason the bots exist and will continue to multiply is because of RMT, and they either are willingly ignoring it or cannot see it, I can’t tell which is worse.

I sincerely hope the community’s outrage against RMT will eventually be heard, but sadly I don’t feel optimistic. I find myself feeling like a fool paying a premium through legitimate means when I can just pay a lower price, get about 400% more, and just accept the three day vacation and come back to level 10 gems and overhoned out characters.

The optimist in me is hoping that maybe this coming stream may mention us, the western release, and perhaps a plan to address players engaging in such activity, but that seems unrealistic as LOAON seems to be for KR exclusively. Maybe it will be mentioned on the 30th itself, with Vykas? It feels a bit unlikely, but I’m holding out hope.


what happened to shadow fox though, he is like disappeared!