A specific special character not working: ~


I’m a player from Brazil currently enjoying and loving the game. Great job on bringing it to us :smiley:

Here’s the thing: in portuguese we use this specific special character a lot ~.

I don’t know how it is named in english but in brazilian portuguese it is called “til”. I’m trying to use it to communicate with others and also on a macro text, but a letter with “til” gets replaced by some other character.

I’ll give some use cases of it. I’ll make the word with “til” bold and the translation of it aswell.

Portuguese: Não consigo falar com ela. Minha mãe se chama Samantha. Como eles estão?
English: I can’t talk to her. My mother’s name is Samantha. How are they?

I know the game doesn’t have a brazilian portuguese translation yet, but having the “til” available would improve our communication a lot, specially because the server is located here in Brazil so there are many brazilian players.

Below you can see an example of a text that I send on chat and how it is shown.

Original text: “Fala! Se ainda não estão participando das missões da guilda ou contribuindo, façam. Teremos premiações.”

How it is after I send it: