A suggestion to assist new or returning players

First for context let me share my experience as a beta/pre release player who quit just when argos came out at 1365 ilevel or so and returned a week ago.

The most important issue that me and my friends faced in my opinion was that the challenging content in this game such as abyssal raids, argos or legion raids is filled to the brim with toxic behavior. I do not think it is because of a few bad apples or whatever people keep excusing it as.

In my opinion, this is behavior fostered by the game. Since the majority are doing old raid content for just some quick gold or rewards or on alts, it causes this toxic dynamic in the parties. Where some people are new and the rest just want a quick reward and leave. And there are no learning parties anymore, we are only left with matchmaking or random party in the find party if even possible.

I guess the summary of that last point is, if you dont do the content at the same exact week or month it is released you can no longer enjoy it. Everyone will treat you like trash and useless, only experienced players are welcome. So even if the player suffers through the abandoned lower tier content and solo plays to end game content, the experienced players will just do gate keeping (which I think is in their right to do, because of how the system is) and prevent the community from expanding.

Now, I suggest that the game implements a system such that if you have new players/rosters that have never done the raid before in your party then there is an extra reward if the raid is cleared to anyone who has cleared the raid before.

These rewards could be benign, such title like Mentor or something. They could be extra battle items to compensate for the battle items lost in teaching this new player/players. Maybe even achievements that give amethyst crystals.

The POINT is the game needs a system to incentivize hardcore and players that already cleared raids to go back and help out the newbies and returning players instead of abandoning them.


Hello and thank you for your suggestion! We appreciate your feedback and I will forward your idea to the Dev team. :slight_smile: