A video sharing my thoughts on the current state of Lost Ark, including Vykas, Bots, and other miscellaneous things!


Cool now just bring the honing buff with Vykas and we are Gucci.

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I really wish the 1460 buff was coming but I think they are delaying it to come with Arcanist, Tier 3 Express, and Punika Power Pass. Kinda Stupid since it dropped beside Vykas with every other region but I sort of get it so It makes getting through Express even faster (also probably worried about bots and the market)

They don’t even need to give us the honing buff, just increase material injection overall.

Stop making it miserable to try and reach content, especially for Alts. That’s all most of us are really asking these days. We aren’t 3+ old KR servers where everyone had years to build up, we’re racing against content patch after content patch and the slow drip of materials sucks.

I don’t mind honing, I don’t mind honing alts, but when it takes 5+ weeks to take an alt from 1370-1415 (using 6 characters at 1370+ feeding that one alt everything every day) the progression loop just becomes dull and you burn out of wanting to keep doing it.

It isn’t about wanting it now, it’s about wanting to keep doing it at all. Accelerated release has to follow it’s own cadence and not one set by KR servers.


I think Challenge Guardians was a good showing of more mats and the mats from events and things have only gotten higher so I think they are slowly trying to accelerate it and bring it up. But I have finally felt the burn on trying to get my SH to 1370 and it has been pain. I think challenge abyssals are mostly for cards but they might give some mats, not completely sure on that. It sucks buying mats off the market but if they can actually keep bot numbers down then prices should tank and be easier for players to buy with the gold they make weekly.

Challenge Guardians are for your main. We want the honing buff for our alts.

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The mats are unbound so you can choose to use them how you want, most of us are using it on our mains right now but eventually it will go into alts

Still need honing buff not 1 mat is going to any of my alts until they give the honing buff.

I only have one 1370 alt but I use everything trying to get them to 1370 so I can get more overtime. I wouldn’t hone past that without stronghold buff though. I’ve completely parked at 1445 until Vykas because another big injection of mats is coming with thronespire. We still have to get T3 tower at somepoint which is an even larger injection of mats.

All my alts are parked at 1370. Imagine if they released the honing buff i would start to use the stock pile of mats i have now rather than keep saving materials until the honing buff come out. Main just hit 1472.5 today and will part it at 1477.5 as i do plan on getting my weapon to 20. Currently 2/3 way to pity and it hurts.

after so much pain on trying to get my shadow hunter to 1370 even with the 1370 stronghold honing buff, I know now I have been fairly lucky so far. I have pitied quite a few items so its not like I’ve gotten off scotch free, but overall my journey to 1445 even with taking breaks hasn’t been horrible. I’ve only recently started to focus on getting alts to T3 and Argos P1, so I haven’t had to feel the pain of waiting for the stronghold honing buff to send my alts to the moon. praying rngesus doesn’t take your weapon to pity.