A way to prevent Bots altogether

Would a potential solution to the botting issue not be to require some form of ID to login similar to what KR does for a chunk of their games/platforms? I understand we have different regions to take into account, obviously its a bit more complex than just slapping it together and calling it a day. But something that requires each region to provide their regions form of Identification to Signup/Login.
Ex. NA could use their ID numbers to make an account and login.

The concerns that follow would probably be concerns of identity theft, but im sure they can find ways to circumvent them holding Names attached to ID numbers. Its just a spitball idea, but im sure people who work with stuff more often can make it better and even a potential solution.

Impossible to do as there are regions like EU where ID’s were abolished in 2013 and EU also doesn’t have social security numbers along with not everyone in NA & EU having a passport / drivers license. Due to the difference in varying ID’s they would never be able to find a global ID that everyone in all regions has to log into the game with.

It’s different for KR as KR is just one region and everyone’s acc is linked to their KR Social security number.

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They are already doing the best way to remove bots which is cutting it’s $ source with multiple rmts bans.

Can’t really happen in the west due to the above statements and due to privacy laws and all that jazz. Yes it would handle the bots but it will never happen in western culture.

I understand, its just frustrating that this is causing mass hysteria from where your gold is coming from and whether that will lose you your account.

Huh? I don’t rmt lol.

Infact i’m very happy with these bans.

How about linking your game account to your amazon account and getting something done on amazon side?
I bet it’s easier to amazon to provide a solution using an amazon system, not relying 100% on steam and SG.

I’ve got a 100% efficient way to stop bots from playing: just disable login to the game for everyone. That’s so simple and congruent with AGS’s strategy I just can’t grasp why they didn’t think of it earlier

the have it as a phone number instead?
1 account 1 phone number

everyone has a phone
how many phone numbers would bots have before they run out?

I smell a blizzard employe :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile:

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the outrage behind that wasn’t that everyone doesn’t have a phone
the outrage was because we were expecting diablo 4 and we got an announcement for a mobile game on the main stage as a main event

everyone has a phone and we aren’t talking about using it to play the game here

Oh cmon… that was a simple joke, we all know what it was… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ok than I’m going to add something more serious. Your take on the verification is way better than the ID thing, regarding the different laws and so on. But i would still expect that some issues may occur even with that…

the phone is widely used for a 2-factor authentication
ags even added this 2-factor for selling gold

i don’t know about their implementation but i didn’t notice any restrictions when trading gold
and it was tied to steam

they can just add a mandatory 2-factor in the game itself
link your account to your phone
you get texted a 4-6digit code everytime you log-in
your phone gets connected to you and if you get banned the account is fine but they ban your phone
you do effectively lose access to that account still but that phone can’t be used to create another account

E-mails are a form of 2-factor as well
but there are no restriction to creating new e-mails
you can create infinite e-mails
so it’s a shitty 2-factor

Yeah as i said its way better, the only problems i see is that you would still find people that claim to have no phone and or are living in a remote area with barely any reception and so on.

i mean if you have a computer what are the chances that you don’t even have a brick from 2005 as a phone?
regardless the pc configuration is a lot higher prohibitive gate to this game
the phone is needed just to receive an sms

Not many but i think a lot of people claim many things whenever they are for or against something.

Guess my main focus would be more likely on the reception argument, it always comes up in germany since we still live in a digital wasteland.

they can always just fuck off and be sensible about the bigger picture no?

They could… Or they insist that they are the center of the world. Seems more popular nowadays.

You can literally go to google and write online phone number free for a few hundred pages of spoof numbers, phone numbers won’t solve it lol