A weekend of queues and turmoil

Quite excited to have the entire weekend free. Thought I’d get up early and smash some dungeons/guardians etc to catch up the weekdays i’d lost to queues and unplayability.

0800: Logged in, No que… seemed great.
0830-0915(Ish): cleared my guardians for the day, about to start the dungeons.
0945: After grabbing some breakfast and having a quick shower i returned.
0950: Attempted to que… And it begins.

2 hours out of an entire day were marginally playable… how is this acceptable?

You are forcing long term players out of the game to make space for casuals whom wont be here in 2 weeks time.

Remember the 500k people that PURCHASED your FREE game? they’re the people who want to play the game, who will give you LONG TERM FINANCIAL RETURN. They are the people complaining throughout your entire forums. No one is complaining about your hideously incapable server capacity anymore, rather your traffic system…

Your answer/solution to our complaints? Nothing… You delete posts, censor people and attempt to silence anyone with a brain from expressing themselves.

Why are you prioritising the queue time to get in? countless times people have repeatedly stated they wouldn’t care if the queue was 5 hours long if they were actually able to play the content they wanted to play once in the game.

I’d really appreciate it if this post didn’t get removed like the rest of my posts. No content within breaks your rules/policy.

Please can someone from AGS/Amazon construct an answer that could at least give us some sort of timeframe on when these ridiculous matchmaking/server traffic issues will be resolved or at the least improved. ITS ALL WE WANT!

Any AGS representative?