Abbout the Rapport Box from 15days

I saw, you guys fixed the box from the 15 daily login with the 1430 gearscore issue.

But what about the box that players already claimed? It’s still require 1430 gearscore to open this box.

Unfortunately, I am in the same situation, as is half of my guild xDD

Mine too I may be able to open it in 50 years

same situation, required item lvl 1430…

Same here, guessing it’s an issue for all of us that started early and hence already claimed it before the fix.

Nice, they will fix it with today’s maintenance!

“In our attendance event across all regions, the day 15 reward supplied a rapport item that was intended for higher item levels (1430). We have changed this reward for another rapport item that is more level appropriate. For players who have already claimed the day 15 item, this will be swapped out with the updated login reward during tonight’s maintenance.”

If you call replacing it with a probably lesser item a fix…

First they take away the crystal reward ppl were loggging in for in EU West and now they replace already claimed items.

This game is released, stop taking ppls stuff! Even if it was a gift, if you go into my house and replace it with something lesser, we still call it stealing in the real world…

They’re not taking peoples stuff, they’re fixing a problem.
You assume that users got a reward that was “too good” and now make it worse, but the problem is that users can’t even claim the item due to the item level being above limitations.
It’s being lowerd from 1430 (wrong) to 1420 (correct).

If someone deliverd you the wrong item that was not working and then replaced it with one that is working - would you still call it stealing in the real world?