Ability gemstone faceting

Hello guys, i see a lot that people in vids say that you should facet the negative one with low%, but it says chance of cracking, wouldn’t you want that high so you don’t get the negative effect?

You want to use the low% on the negative so it fails and makes your % go higher so then you use the higher% on the stuff you actually want to succeed.

Cracking the ability stone means getting a +1 on the negative, which is why you want to do that when the percentage is low.

So basically it works the same as the positives?
Lol, the wording kinda sucks. It just made me believe that low % = High chance to the negative to succeed.

yeah i tought the same which is why i’m asking, i also saw a lot of 25% succeed on the red which is why i had the doubt

I agree. I think it’s mislabeled. Faceting interface is mislabeled "Chance of Cracking"

“Crack” is right, it’s just not intuitive.
The negative engraving lit-up nodes are cracks on the stone, so getting a +1 on those means you put a crack in your stone.

here check this out

Yep got it, the % to “crack” refers to the whole gem getting damaged and causing the bad traits, while i understand the explanation this is not the only case of this happening i’ve met so far, the translation in many spots has been rather misleading…