Ability Stones dismantling bug

All ability stones dismantle into very small amounts of broken equipment powder.

  1. The nature and frequency of the issue.
    Every time I dismantle ability stones of any type from any source.

  2. Exact steps to reproduce the issue.
    Step one: Be me
    Step two: get an ability stone & facet it
    Step three: I immediately want to dismantle it because the faceting system is purely a junk
    generator that spins hope into garbage
    Step Four: Dismantling returns only 1-3 broken equipment powder, no mystery powder

  3. Location of the issue in-game.
    Every stone, everywhere, regardless of the type of stone or the location I’m in

I know there where other posts but since there’s no bug report form in game (???) this is where I was directed to post a bug report