Ability to change Cerberus Color


I have unfortunately chosen the wrong color for the cerberus mount in the Platinum pack by mistake. I was hoping you could change the color to the black one with green highlights. I apologize for the mistake but I was hoping as a 100$ supporter I could please be able to change it, I did not realize it was light blue. Thank you, I hope you can please help, love the game.

cant change but we should be getting second founder pack today as compensation for all the probelms so you can choose new color

I thought this would occur only if you changed servers, is that correct? Or will i just find another pack tommorrow when I log into the same server tommorrow? Thank you for the awesome quick response.

looks like everyone should get it Lost Ark Founder's Pack Double Claim | Free Rewards For All Founder's Again! - YouTube
it was confirmed by admins in official lost ark discord too so lets hope they are not just spreading lies

These mistakes fall under player responsibility and will never be changed by support, by the way.

It has been confirmed on this forum as well.

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Yes, but as a platinum supporter who just now made a honest mistake due to lack of sight, it would be nice of them to acknowledge and assist if they can. I realize that I am the one that made the mistake, but that doesnt mean that I am screwed through my own actions simply because of a minor finger flub on a color… to say its just player responsibility and walk away… oof.

Everyone will get it but the condition is I believe, you can only claim it on the new server and not the server you already claimed your current founder’s pack.

It doesn’t make sense from their PoV to give everyone a second copy (well almost) of the founder’s pack that they can retrieve on the same server. The purpose of them doing this is so you can move to a new server with the second pack and make your new server your new home.

Check the link below, unless you can post the source that says otherwise, I won’t believe it. The official post below is what I will expect.

" These items will not be tradeable, and will be delivered to a player’s Product Inventory so they can be claimed on a new server."

“these will be claimable on any new server you choose”

Thank you very much for the clarification. I truly hope Amazon or Lost Ark will assist me, i regret my accidental mistake, in hopes of doing future business them and good customer service. I really hope they can assist me.

You didn’t buy exclusive special attention customer service as a “platinum supporter”. You got the founders pack which was your moneys worth right there. You don’t get some type of VIP treatment from the rest of the playerbase, ‘honest mistake’ or not.