Abolish Una`s token plz.Real players don't care about that gold

everybody know what bots doing to make golds

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Dont punish the grinders. This is such a Pepega take.


Stop trolling, if thats getting removed this game is done

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Autobot Die Mom? That’s a pretty dark name.

Think its supposed to be Autobot Demon but obviously cannot spell

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You should try to use proper English word and not following internet trend that has no meaning outside of the dog whistle community.

This is a videogame forum. Get a grip. What a sad lad.


It is, and a reality you are living in.

Go ahead and speak for yourself. But don’t think for a second you’re opinion represents the majority of the player base.


I’m poor enough already without them taking away more of my revenue sources :rofl:

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As a normal player with only one account.i really dont care that gold.

I just want a normal game environment. But now the gap is too wide

Pushing more alts to 1400+ while trying to tab my mains weapon to 18 i care about every goldcoin out there!

Inflation is never a good thing

Remove all gold from the game to stop bots!

lol.Una`s token is not the main way to make golds.if ur a normal player.

I didn’t even have too much gold to exchange crystal and buy pheon because of the Inflation. It’s a vicious circle until the game died.

@Roxx plz do something ok?

It’s literally advertises ingame loadingscreens as a one of the main way of generating raw gold so I dont know what you’re on about

And why do you need to buy pheons if you’re only playing one character? Are you regearing every 5ilvls???

i said a account.not a char.