About 21:9 Aspect Ratio

I am somehow recent to this game and have started the adventure of PvP once I got to T2.

However, I believe the 21:9 aspect ratio does provide an advantage over esthetic and I don’t want to force this ratio in order to have a fair fight. Please fix this

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There is not fix, if you want to be competitive you need to buy an ultrawide monitor and if you PC sucks, you have to buy new GPU as well. The power of Free games.

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Well having the force option means everyone can have the same view even if is not pretty tough

No. This is not how technology is supposed to be handled and enforced.

If you want the advantage, you buy the hardware that gives it.

Do you want them to lock the game to 30FPS because someone might have a graphics card that cant handle the game at 120fps+ Do you think its fair to punish every user with a display higher than 60hz and enforce 60FPS? Absolutely not.

So why selectively pick out 21:9 as the one that takes the fall?
FPS gains are PROVEN to give players unfair advantages over other players, in every competitive game. Which is why EVERY SINGLE PRO PLAYER in almost every competitive PC game has at least a 144hz monitor, if not a 165 or 240hz monitor.

There is no reason what so ever to punish 21:9 users specifically.

ESPECIALLY! because there is an option in the game that lets you force 21:9 if you want.
if you have a 16:9 monitor go into the options, and turn it on.
Go into Settings, Click Video, and right there in the front page of those settings is… “Force 21:9 Aspect Ratio” Check it and enjoy your temporary 21:9 monitor.
You know that this exists, and you don’t want to turn it on? That is on you. Not the game, not the 21:9 owners, not the developers, that’s all on you. The advantage is right there, given to you, for free. And you dont want to use it, that is entirely your doing.
PC games have always had these kinds of disadvantages, ALWAYS. And if you don’t want to deal with them, then you can go play console games, or single player games.

Do not punish people for owning a piece of technology, just because you didnt think to buy it or are unwilling to buy it.


I think it’s pretty silly to have hardware give such a blatant advantage especially in pvp - is it not possible to give players a zoomed screen that can fit on 16:9 and 21:9 without ridiculous black bars everywhere? That would be the best solution

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Why not? We’ve been doing this for decades with high refreshrate monitors and everyones’ been absolutely ok with it.
Why is 21:9 suddenly not ok? But we’ve all been totally accepting of 60hz players playing against 240hz players FOR YEARS now. And this one has been tested to be a PROVEN advantage in gaming. We have evidence, cold hard evidence that 240hz vs 60hz is unfair, and people are just cool with that.
And this one is gonna get even worse over time, because of the GPU Shortage and the increasing refresh rates of monitors. There are 360hz monitors on the market now and higher ones coming soon.
I guess that’s ok though because its fair to have one advantage, and not the other… right?

The biggest difference though is that we can give you the advantage for free and you don’t have to pay a dime for it. Can’t do that with framerate, not like we can just give everyone a GTX 3090 and a ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz.
That by far is the better equalizer and play fair button than anything else given in any other game.
If you want the 21:9 advantage… then just use the 21:9 setting.
Don’t like the black bars? Well then you shouldn’t like watching most movies because most movies are 21:9 and have black bars on your big home TVs. Don’t see why it’s a problem here.

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There’s a huge difference between high refresh rate, and getting sniped by somebody that’s not even visible on my screen. Not sure why you seem to be so personally offended by this - A zoomed out option that would fit on 21:9 and 16:9 nicely would undoubtedly be the best option with literally no negative downside. Tbh my only guess here is that you’re so bad at pvp that you are desperately trying to advocate for any kind of advantage :joy:


Resorting to personal attacks and claiming someone is offended when they are pointing out the fact that its your fault entirely that you aren’t taking the free setting that gives you what others have… is YOUR PROBLEM.
The solution is provided for you, use it or dont. And dont claim “lol you must be baaaad, and offeeended” because you wont do the bare minimum and just use the 21:9 setting.

I just purchased an ultrawide monitor and I’m looking forward to having a wider FOV. I’m not even a pvp player


And I think that’s great you should enjoy you’re FOV, but in a pvp scenario I think it would be best to equalize that sort of advantage

There is an equalization, it is standardized, it is in the game, it is free, it costs you nothing.
Use it or stop complaining.


It sucks, and I won’t use it. And I have the right to voice my opinion that it’s unfair players get to arbitrarily have more vision than me

So you are in favor of p2w in pvp games?

I have a regular ass wide screen and most games feel generally worse to play with an ultra wide view. Ever try to play old pc shooters at max fov? Its so aids lol

I love this change and hope more competitive games use features like it in the future

Force ultra-wide 21:9 gang gang

Literally ignore all of this. I misread your opinion. Thought you were saying people who have better hardware deserve an advantage over others in competitive games. That doesnt seem to be your opinion.

Then that’s your problem, its no longer on the game to cater to you more than it already has. You refusing to use the free solution is now your problem. The game has already done it’s due diligence to ensure that all players are allowed to have the same advantage.
You can use it, or Don’t.
It’s provided to you.
End of Story.

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And I will continue to voice my opinion whenever able to that that is unfair, playing on a shrunk screen sucks and if there’s a better option that looks good for both 21:9, and 16:9 it should be found

The game looks identical, just smaller, what do you mean?

Forced 21:9 is one of the best solutions to this problem ive ever seen


Of course not, but this is a PC game. And there will always be “pay to win” advantages on PC, as there always has been.
Like I pointed out before, we’ve been doing this with high refresh rate monitors for decades, back since Quake was a popular Esport.

The big difference here though is that you can give someone a free setting, that lets them use 21:9 like any 21:9 user can, and the “pay to win” advantage that would be there is instantly nullified, forever.
I think that’s pretty amazing. 21:9 is great because you can just give people that advantage for free.
I wish I could turn on a setting and get full graphics and visibility at 240fps. That’d be great, wouldnt it?
We can do that with 21:9, and thats what the devs did. So there’s no more pay to win to worry about there.

And I wouldnt dream of asking for a 60fps lock either because we know for sure there are thousands of people who are stuck on 60hz monitors.

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Yeah exactly. I misread your first long form post. We definitely agree

It looks atrocious, by that logic why don’t we force 16:9 onto the 21:9 users? I saw you complaining already that trying to play older games looks terrible on your widescreen, probably because forcing a resolution that your screen isn’t made for is always going to look terrible. Idk why people think a zoom option that can look good on 16:9 and 21:9 is impossible- this would clearly be the best solution with 0 downside

Plus I dont want the devs wasting anymore time on something frivolous and unimportant.
They’ve already done what makes the game accessable, lets let them move on and work on better things, like optimization, balance, and content creation.
21:9 is a non issue, solved years ago at this point.

Asking for anything else is just self centered and inconsiderate of developer and player’s time.