About back-attacking classes

why even bother… if a Sorcerer or Gunslinger is getting Cruel Fighter anyway…


Just hit the back

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Sounds like a player issue, Deathblow Striker/Shock Scrapper/Surge Blade are MVP machines when played well.

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The issue does not lie in back-attacking classes, the issue lies in the player

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If they have Synergy, they do have a DPS advantage, if they can execute and play well.

That’s what people don’t get if you invite Shock Scrapper but hes playing with Berserker and shadowhunter + support in his team and other team has Ignite sorc, wardancer, gunslinger + support

The ignite sorc has crit synergy, shock scrapper has no back attack synergy, hes not going to have a dps advantage.

Entropy classes with Blade + Gunlancer synergy have a DPS advantage, hitmaster has nothing comparable to the Entropy classes gain from Blade/Gunlancer synergy

Assuming similar ilvl
Uptime on boss > Synergy/Support > Everything else


Lol… what
" why even bother… if a Sorcerer or Gunslinger is getting Cruel Fighter anyway…"
If a blade is losing to a gunslinger on content that is cleared the blade pilot is just not as skilled, burst classes like surge blade, shock scrapper, will always out damage consistency classes like gs once players learn boss patterns.

Sorc I agree with you as long as she hits those sweet doomsdays under arcane torrent it’s gg but no back attack classes don’t need to be buffed, if you’re struggling you just need to be better about uptime imo.

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That’s a good point.

But I still feel I’m not being rewarded (DPS wise), for all the struggle and effort I put by positioning myself and timing my skills to just DPS the back of the boss… While other classes just watch TV while they play, and still can do about 80 or 90% the DPS I do

You have a 24% damage modifier from Blade and gunlancer/destroyer synergy alone. As @LeonidasXV said, the issue lies in people in our region not taking synergy seriously enough. If you want the most dps potential on your entropy class you only party with Blade, Gunlancer/Destroyer, a support. Any other class is going to net you a loss in damage potential usually. I think you might b able to get away with dropping GL for a Martial Artist Crit synergy with high up time, but even then it’s still not as good as double back attack modifier.

surge needs crit synergy

even with %80+ crit u miss
RNG is ass

back attacking classes are so much stronger, that in the LOA ON, the devs shared their plans to nerf the entropy set since it overperforms.

attacking classes are so much stronger, that in the LOA ON, the devs shared their plans to nerf the entropy set since it overperforms.

When did they say that? I do not recall that.

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The main issue is some gates are free for back attackers while others aren’t. Some gates are free for ranged hit master but not for back attack. At the ceiling of gameplay back attackers will always out perform but, dependent on gate. For example, surge blade is often considered not as good for g2 Vykas but in hell vykas surge blades usually deal near top damage on it regardless.
Gate 4 breshalza is a cakewalk for low animation time, good immunity back attacker as well.

Was the first on the list of things that they wanted to rebalance.

This is a skill issue. If you’re at the same skill level and similar stats, back attacker will get MVP 100% of the time. Get good.

They mentioned it during the LOA ON event. Apparently, skilled players(Kr players) using entropy get mvp almost exclusively(they said “outperform other classes”), so they are going to change(they said rebalance) the entropy relic set.

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But thats the reward for playing a harder class, why would they nerf that? wtf?

Subjective opinion.

Because when 2 dps classes are playing at the same skill level and stats, it doesn’t make sense that one always outperforms the other, this is a balance issue. It’s a player’s choice to play a class, regardless of difficulty and people shouldn’t be “forced” to play a class because it’s 100% guaranteed to outperform others.

It’s important for live service games to have balance changes as the content evolves, and even when it’s stagnant, otherwise there will be a “meta” where everyone flocks to the one thing that outperforms everything else, making the game boring, stale and linear.

only way entropy is justified is if the back attack hitbox on a boss is even smaller :slight_smile: . Then I believe they deserve all the bonus dps, currently the available spot to attack from is very forgiving meaning ur positioning matters alot less

Biggest dps loss I see from back attacking classes is they run to get behind the boss. If you are running into position you aren’t doing damage. More players need to use every chance they can get to attack and while doing their attacks use them to get into position.

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Im sure, but generally speaking some are far simpler and get better performance in most encounters simply due to design than others. I play several positionless melee and ranged classes. I also play entropy back attack variants. The burden of performance on the positionless is always much easier, even after you “master” entropy classes, bosses will consistently place themselves in awkward positions where you cannot deal damage.

TBH if it didnt seem like bosses were intentionally coded to hug walls, I’d agree there shouldnt be a delta between a “prefectly” played entropy and a “perfectly” played hitmaster, however since this variable exists which significantly reduces damage for one side and not the other the trade off is fair. The entropy player is essentially rewarded for predicting most if not every possible position in which they could deal damage, thats the game within the game for a back attack user, on top of not getting hit. What trade off is there that exists exclusively for a hitmaster class? Again I play both sides on multiple toons for perspective, so im interested in your opinion.

Sorry, not trying to be mean, but I don’t care. There is no point in arguing about someone’s opinion… I only answered your questions, not trying to waste my time arguing semantics and opinions. You don’t need to respond to this post btw.

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