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While in other MMOs, I would be concerned, I do not have an issue with this for Lost Ark. Even if someone can pay their way to have the best gear in the game, it will not give them any edge on mechanically intense end-game content. Players can not gear-carry themselves in this skill-oriented game. Sure, they may carry and boast on easier raids, but so can a completely free-to-play player.

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Not to mention that the ranked PvP has gear equalized. The same for the hardest raids (with the best titles from them). Seems like money will be able to save some grind time for some things but to get the really notable achievements and things to show off it does no good.

First off, this sentence alone is wild:
“To ensure all purchases in-game feel optional, it is important players have a path to acquire all items in our in-game store without having to make a purchase.”

Secondly, as others have pointed out already, it has been confirmed that the Crystalline Aura will be obtainable with blue crystals in our version.

The main concern I have left at this point is its price. If the price range is similar to what the “pet rental” feature is in the other regions, that would be fantastic (and perhaps a bit unrealistic). If it is more expensive, the merging of the Aura and pet effects would be unfortunate to those who were only interested in one of the two. We’ll probably be able to get an idea of the pricing in the beta though, so no use arguing about it until then.

On a side note, I love all the information we’ve been getting recently. Amazon Games are putting in effort and it shows.

See you all in the beta!


Thanks for the clarification ^^ cheers!

i would like to know if you handle emotes / titles as items cos the post said items will all be available / tradable in the market place but the other regions have cash exclusive titles and emotes, which are not tradable and that sucks…

If you took the time to read what our version gives you before spurging out like a child, you would see that the buff doesn’t give any of those stats your crying about.

There are literally no power or hp buffs at all so please be gone with you child.

He means the buffs from the pets, not the Crystalline Aura.

He was right but we learned from discord that you can buy Crystalline Aura with blue crystals.

Which is amazing if we could also buy the Pet Functions seperately with blue crystals as well, not exclusively through crystalline aura.

question is what happens to the pet damage / defense buff. is that being removed? or do they mean that one when they say permanent? because thats quite of a huge buff (up to 10% defense for one kind and 10% more secondary stats for one)

it is not a huge buff, it’s one of the most insignificant things in this game.IT was used to help with ap gating before but now that’s not a issue so literally irrelevant.

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10% more specialization and physical defense is insignificant? i would disagree on that.

100000% insignificant in this game my friend. But u will see for yourself eventually.

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nobody cares about the stats, it’s the repair/storage/pet storage/auction house that people care for, which needs to be avaliable seperately for purchase with Blue Crystals and not locked behind the Crystalline Aura

i have played the game every day since launch a little over a year ago in JP. those 10% can make a difference of 5+% crit chance or nearly 10% extra damage. thats equivalent to a free level 2 engraving. nobody can tell me thats insignificant :slight_smile:

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knowing your stance on the crystalline aura (“looking at the amount of people who were already ready to pay real cash for it every month to support the game” -CokaCola) you need to replay the game again from the tutorial up for 4 more years to be allowed to have any take on this game

oh man you are really pissed that someone dared to show an opposing view. sorry that you, who barely played the game, doesnt have as much knowledge as me, who has done everything there is to do… and those 2 statements you just combined dont make any fucking sense either… you are just some rage kiddo thats mad cos it got busted.
if you want i can go ingame and show you screenshots of the damage difference that 10% secondary stats can be. but you wouldnt listen to it anyway as you are trapped in your little bubble.
add to that that there are a bunch of people crying p2w if the difference would only be 0.1% and not 10%.

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You are not giving "opposing view"s. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen you give controversial opinions on a thread and give nothing constructive but ruin the topic that’s being discussed. Nobody cares about how knowledgeable you are, nobody cares about what kind of experience you had with the game a 1+ years ago. Go do your “%10 extra damage” to a boss that has invulnerable phases, flying over your head, teleporting, phase changing etc. or in an equalized pvp. Jesus christ.

you dont know how percentages work, do you?

and i was giving feedback and points to consider, just as you asked. you didnt bother reading them but that doesnt mean they arent there. stop with the lies maybe, okay?

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Saintone a twitch streamer said people can buy crystaline aura would be available for Blue chrystals

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Yeah, devs already confirm that


It would have been useful to get a list of all types of items that can be purchased by the premium currency, their average price range and what the PC to real world value looks like. When you say that “Royal crystals are used to buy Crystal Packages, cosmetics, and other items in game” it’s quite vague as “other items” could be anything and “cosmetics” doesn’t always necessarily mean they don’t have gameplay benefits

Likewise it would have been nice to see commitments not to do certain things (ie: P2W Gameplay advantages)