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Sounds like you have no intention to support the game. Expecting to get everything to get free is wrong. That aura should be locked only for real money about 10$ or so without option to buy from in game currency. Creators need money! Only big no to buy gold for real money b/c it will destroy games economy.

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I believe you may not understand how the currency actually works.
Except for some minor ways to earn Blue Crystals via rewards ingame, the main way to gain them is by buying Royal Crystals and exchanging those for Blue Crystals, to then sell these Blue Crystals on the market for Gold. This means that even if someone buys Blue Crystals with ingame Gold to use them to buy Crystalline Aura, someone somewhere has ultimately paid for it in cash.
Unless AGS starts giving away free Blue Crystals en masse they don’t actually lose any money.


Only big no to buy gold for real money b/c it will destroy games economy.

I have bad news for you.

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You can’t avoid real money trade in game with player-player trades… If not in-game, then people will sell gold in other places, where you can get scammed. Even when it is banable people still do it. Also, how it is going to destroy economy? It would, if gold would be purchasable directly from store (so it would make more gold on market = inflation = your farmed gold is less valuable), but you purchase gold from other players so I don’t understand how it can destroy game economy. Game economy can be destroyed by bots (cuz they farm a lot of gold 24/7 = inflation), and it is a real problem, no gold exchange.

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Heh and just for the vanity items… they are going to be making a lot of money. You can always bet on vanity.

Wouldn’t having Gold be tied to monetary value for AGS make it their best interest to actively prevent that from happening?

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In my case the “Powerpass” it’s the most important item to me, for an Alter Heavy game for those who are free to a player, leveling up another char it’s the most boring thing in this game to me, everything in this game is near perfect but the demand to do over and over all the main quest and chain and purple it’s too boring at the level of the only ULTIMATE Disappoint and weak part of this lovely game.

For me it’s demanded level 1 char until finish all content after lvl 50 and finish the “Frozen Sea” I don’t know the name in NA Version, after this, ever new alter the player want create he/she must be able to choose to pay or not to boost to lvl 50 another char.

In this mode, it’s a win-win model, boost who need it, who don’t want can do the boring thing again, and both of them already have a lvl 50 who was forced to play at least one time to know how to play, it’s like the first char was a whole tutorial, in my point of view, in life nobody wants do repetitive things over and over, in work, or life, we just to want to automate some boring thing, in this case, the automation is a possibility to buy a boost.

If this game doesn’t have lots of content which is not the case, being forced to lvl char each char manually by doing quests will be normal, but this game has an insane amount of content.

@Ninjutsu in KR they added a few months ago a system in the stronghold which you pay 600gold and in 8h you have the new character at level 50 with everything up to Vern done if I’m not mistaken. You can also pay gold to go beyond Vern but it’s not worth.


Hum, even better for free-to-play Sure I prefer other ways to boost a character to lvl 50 other than just buy ROYAL CRYSTALS, like free-to-play ways, but sure, this is not a gate to let the two ways to boost a character be set, like who’s don’t have enough gold and prefer to pay with royal crystals and people who will just boost if have a free-to-play model.

I’d heard talks of the P2W nature of the current version. When I saw that they intended to “more closely align” Lost Ark “with Western norms and player expectations,” I was very pleased. Time will tell, but I am pleased with the shift in direction.

True! The best thing about it imo are that 1) It shows that Amazon Games is actually improving the experience specifically for western players and they are not just talking about doing it, they are actually doing it and 2) This gives us an idea about what kind of changes can be made. This way we know what kind of stuff is possible for future request/discussions/suggestions! Of course more and other stuff could also be changed, I’m sure of it. What I’m trying to say is that for a starting point I think this is pretty good :slight_smile:


So I’m in the Beta, and I gave my stronghold a placeholder name through the quest, not realizing that you have to have 100 gold to change it. I’m too early in the game to have 100 gold! Changing stronghold name should be possible using multiple currencies, or at least enable some sort of currency exchange to gold in the Beta.

I would be happy if the game was 100% as Korean version.

Well, one important cash shop item for me is the powerpass, so I can boost couple alts … and here comes the problem :smiley: . Judging by the eastern pricing, it is likely the powerpass will be some 50 - 60 USD which is insane, given you can level up alt over a weekend without even trying too hard afaik. One could argue it costs similar money in other games, but it also typically takes longer to level up in those games. Here I would be paying about 5 USD per hour skipped, which is just too much. So just giving the publisher a heads up, make it 30 USD maximum and it will sell, make it 60 USD and … lel, no thank you :smiley:. I’m not paying 120 USD to have two extra characters :smiley: . Just to give you a sample math. If it’s 60 USD, I’ll buy 0, if it’s 30 USD I will prolly buy 1 - 2, if it’s 25 USD, I’ll prolly buy 2 - 3, because it simply feels more worth the money. I’m kind of a whale, but nobody is THAT stupid :smiley:

In JP server it’s 60 USD for 4-5 continents all the way to ilvl1302 Papunika which would take weeks of work to level up, I would gladly pay even 100USD to save weeks of work

But we are not talking saving weeks of work, we are talking saving 2 days of work, we won’t have the same amount of content on release. If you want to pay 60 bucks to skip weekend worth of leveling, go for it. 99.95% of people won’t though and I assume this is for profit operation, so it should prolly be taken into account :smiley: . Obviously, if at some point in the future the level cap and required entry level ilevel for current end game content increases, new version of powerpass can release and it can cost more, to reflect more time saved. But 60 bucks on release? That’s flushing money down the toilet.

I like the store with one exception - Mari’s Secret Store. They should remove it. Aura is fine and not OP and the Aura should support the game and its creators and I whould pay it every month. Skins are nice to have and will give enought extra money to them. The Mari’s Secret Store with huge Pay to Progress things are a bit to money-horny and destroys the game in my opinion. Change my mind

Mari’s secret shop at the moment only offers a very little quantity of materials compared to those you can earn in game and you need to progess. People at the end game know this.

They already increased the time needed for a rotation up to 72Hours (compared to 16hours in korea)

It’s just an other way to support the game and go an extra mile, because the advantages are neglectible. (at this moment)