About chat and it's censorship

So many times my messages couldnt even go through and were deleted with a system message "Your message contains an inappropriate word or phrase’’. I have tried saying just the word ‘‘also’’ 3 times and only on fourth did my message go through. Why is the chat like that?
On top of that there are so many phrases that get the censored treatement like
Im alone
-asterisk- sniff -asterisk-
Rimeria (as in the continent in the bottom right corner)
feel free to add to the list I just think the chat is bugged and too restricting

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Chat is deff too restricting. You can’t type words that could possibly contain bad words inside of them. The sentence “of a gatherable” is censored because of F A and G being near eachother. Same reason Shinigami is also censored because of N I G A being together. It’s ridiculous. But no you can say fuck shit cunt dick in the chat those aren’t censored lol

The filter should be optional. Absolutely ridiculous chat filters are put into games with a mature or above rating.

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Hello kotalkotal, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.