About class release - real survey

Hi, i’ve done a Survey on Gform with my community that already have 200 votes, that i also shared on twitter, about the class release schedule.

This is based only on the class release schedule. you can answer the survey right here:

I would like to have more answers, because if we have a lot of answers, it will be way more reprensentative of the Lost Ark Community.

Here are the firsts results of the survey:

Finally, i would like to share my point of view on this schedule:

I played on russian servers a lot before going on EU and i can tell that it’s really hard to switch your current main to another character because the more you push the game, the hardest it become to catch up on a new character.

ATM, the top level is 1445 (for valtan) and it’s still easy to reach if you have alts and ressources. but imagine if you want to main scouter and if scouter is released in 8 months. we’ll be 1540+ and it’s really really hard to get 1540. you wont even try to put scouter as a main.

So, for me, 1 class by month was good, but only if it started on the game start (in febuary). but we only have 2 classes in 5 months that’s really not good.
Now, following the nexts contents that are going to be released, i think Amazon should rush the schedule → 2 classes per months or something like that.

Also, to end this part, there is a big deception on the class schedule. that currently making people leave the game.
those people wont come back, wont pay anymore on the game, and a MMO that loose community, that’s really bad.
Especially when you know that others MMO are coming soon (Lineage, Ashes, Blue Protocol, Riot???) Amazon should re-enforce the Lost Ark community by giving what the community expect and not doing the opposite.

Thanks for reading and Answering the survey, i’ll make an update with more stats as soon as possible !


this person said everything to me, I don’t understand why the classes have such a long time to get out, as explained, wanting to main reaper it, I can’t wait that long because I think I’ll never be able to catch up on the accumulated delay, which I think you’re going to scare off a lot of people … I hope you’ll change your mind about the deadlines for leaving the scheduled class.

thank you for taking the time to read.


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It’ll become a whale filter. The later a class was unlocked, the more insane the RNG on honing required if you don’t whale to reach a given piece of content. Thus those classes trying to find groups in later content will face issues because everyone will assume they are whales. (Or maybe they’ll be preferred since they won’t care about resource use? I’m not that kind of precognative.)

There may be a trickle of late comers to the game who actually do ‘main’ them, but they’ll be behind whatever current content is.


Class releases shouldn’t be staggered anywhere near as much as actual content. I’m a bit shocked that they slowed the cadence down for this. The fact that they would do it when people just want to play their mains has made me reconsider logging back in.

At this point I don’t expect anything from AGS/SGR. I’m just going to play until I get bored and then leave. Might just leave now and come back when they finally add in things like honing rate increases. Putting in so much effort now just feels like a waste of time. Might just go play other games I’ve been holding off on.


And how is this any different than any other game releasing a new class?

Ignore what KR has and play the game, or quit.

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They listen to community feedback, unless it goes against what they want to do.

update: we have currently almost 600 votes - results are quite the same but i’ll share them when we hit 1000.

Please do. I am really looking forward to this data

i got a bad feeling they gonna keep artist and scouter for winter. they gonna super hype the game again, and hyping those two classes to get more player on christmas time

That’s a really good plan to be honest.

For the french community : i’ve released a video about this subject → ANALYSE ROADMAP LOST ARK - LA PIRE ANNONCE D'AMAZON - YouTube

Btw i’m not enough fluent in english to make it in english so i’ll just make a post here, on reddit and twitter with the final infography about it.
we are currently at 1000+ answer, results are quite the same than before.

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Where’s the final data on this?