About collecting mokoko seeds and other stuff

As a new player should i bother collecting all these seeds per zone as i go through them all?

So far ive found a few per zone, but some must be very well hidden and i dont even know what rewards i get for getting them yet anyway

The same applies to these hidden quests that tell you to go to a specific location. worth or not worth at lvl22?

Level up hone to 1415 with your main have 2-3 alts at 1370 and then every time you have a few hours free after doing all on all heroes slowly finish the horizontal content. What I do is choose a continent and finish everything I can for 1-2 hours next time I have free time I finish what is left or start a new one.

I recommend you focus on leveling first then slowly work on the collectibles. And when working on collectibles, prioritize things like skill points, omnium star, skill runes… I’d say mokoko can wait!

Press Alt + L and click on the mokoko tab at the bottom you can see the rewards, its mostly skins and nothing major.

Focus on lvl if you dont have that much time you will have to backtrack eventually

IT depends what you want from the Game.

If you enjoi Farming Mokokos its fine to Start it in the Beginning. If you dont Like it, dont do IT.

Its optional And there is nothing major which you will get as reward.

As other started focus on main quest and lvling first. Getting to t3 as quickly as posible then finish ‘berver quest’ for punikka powerpass (another t3 alt). Choose the alt and do hyper express (choose alt bc it comes with 1302 gear already). Hone to 1370 with hyper express and do abyssal hard dungeons and buy carry for argos phase 3 (cost like 2k for bus and u profit 500g). Then you get full legendary gear and can Hone again 1370 and above to enter legion raids.

Don’t worry about that too much right now. You will defitenly come to a point where you can’t really progress your character too much, which is the best time to do the horizontal content. The most important items you can get are the skill potions.
Master pieces are also very good, because it contains gold rewards.

If you like it and have the time, go for it. If you prefer to power level and optimize gear progression then do that and you can worry about collections later. I have friends that have done both and it doesn’t really matter either way

ok, i think i will concentrate my efforts on collecting mokoko seeds in dungeons, where i find them much easier to find because of the linear nature of them.
the overworld maps are much harder because theyre spaced out, hard to find seemingly and stuff spawns all the time getting in the way

i will just harvest things i see in the overworld. at least those are shown on the map.

yes do it zone by zone, otherwise, it will be very boring and silly going back and doing them, you will hate it, but this way its much more fun

hidden quests are worth, between xp, roster xp, silver, providence stones, some even give you legendary card packs