About consumables in Hell mode raids

I know we’re still at least one month away from Inferno (hell mode) Valtan and I can’t imagine this topic hasn’t been brought up yet but I’m too lazy to look it up so I have to ask myself.

I’ve watched a few different streamers say that, besides skills and time, the only “gatekeeper” for hell mode raids are battle items (consumables) which you have to pay for, since everything else is given to you for free.

I need to know if having a vendor inside hell mode raids who sells bound battle items which can only be used inside hell mode raids for something like 1 silver each was ever something that Smilegate looked into, if that’s the case and someone knows the answer please let me know.

I’m aware that having to spend gold for your own consumables helps the economy but let’s be honest, it’s probably such a miniscule factor in the grand scheme of things that I doubt anyone would see a difference in the AH prices if Smilegate made that change.

Please no dumb “we have bigger issues to worry about right now” or “it’s at least one month away, why do you care?” comments, thank you and happy honing.

You need to use your own pots bought with gold, free boxes, crafting, or mari’s shop. There is no vendor.

Tbh, you have answered to your own question in the same post.