About current economic trends

Aren’t you surprised by the current economic trends?

I list some of the illegal outputs:

  1. Thronespire gets coins by speeding up the software, cheating, getting 22 and 25 layers of legend books and selling gems.

  2. The robot’s Weekly mission gets a UNA coin exchange box

  3. Collecting robots get coins by selling living materials.

The economy is getting a little weird right now, and I have to believe some rumors: there are some gold bugs.
I hope AGS can check the economic trend of each server in the background and find something.


and there are people making offers over 3k, thats great

KR price today

south america has reached korea, and we only have valtan and vykas to farm gold.

they have kakul saydon, brelshaza, elgacia dungeons, and akkan… much more…

much more gold farm, imagine when you have all this here, the price of the blue crystal will cost 10k gold

sad and pitiful situation.

@Roxx and @Seawolf please, update the situation