About founder skin,Question

I want to play sorc as kinda my main acc, but I want the alt (shadow hunter) will get the skin, what I need to do ?
I mean the skin go to mailbox? And I take everything but the skins? Then open new acc and take the skin that I want ?
Abit lost - thanks for help

They confirmed that the founders stuff will be delivered to your first advanced class, however the avatars (skins) will be box, so u just need to transfer it and open with the class you want the skin type.

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Will be box in inventory?
Or box of skin in mailbox?

‘‘Founder’s Packs will be delivered to your account’s Roster Storage, and from here you will be able to obtain the contents and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. The Skins will only be usable on the 15 classes that are available at launch.’’

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I’m not touching any of the founders stuff till T3. I need the inventory space.