About honing and RNG

So I seen many people saying that 10% to +14 to +15 is low and yes I do agree that is low for now at least, some players who played other KR mmo including myself knows how bad it is to upgrade where some game upgrading is lower than a 1%, where mats are more grindy and more time consuming plus more expensive than Lost Ark, and then people just opt to buy it from the shop making it literally p2w and the f2p players are left in the dust. I get that people don’t know of these games especially when Lost Ark is their first mmo because of all the hype around it, but I can say for 100% if you go play any KR mmo and come back to Lost Ark you know how good we have it here and not to mention that the upgrade is also guarantee plus upgrading in Lost Ark doesn’t break or reset your armor back to +0 unlike some certain KR mmo.

So lets talk about now and future things that has RNG around it, I’m just going to say it here and will say it again. Do yourself a favor and quit the game while you’re at it because you’re not gonna like what’s to come especially if you’re the people who doesn’t like the honing rates.
Some of the few things are:
Bracers ( I can’t wait for this to come out for NA and see all the forum of people hating this)
Transferring level 3-4 tripods
Cutting a 77 rock ( good luck with that let alone a 97 rock(which you don’t really need))
Quality upgrade ( This is not where you dismantle your abyss gear and keep crafting to get better quality nonono this is much worse and also a gold sink)
Gems (which you guys should know by now that it sucks and eats your silver)

These are just some of the few thing that are just pure RNG and NO PITY that’s right NO PITY none if you failed you failed there nothing in return but sadness, unlike where honing you’re guarantee to upgrade.
I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just warning you of what’s to come. That’s why I’m saying that you should quit Lost Ark while you’re ahead because it won’t be pretty when you hate honing which is guarantee.

If you do decide to continue playing I salute you.


I was close ;_;