About Listing Cap, 20 is not enough!

I get it why there is 20 items cap per day, but it very much need an adjustment. Maybe it needs to start with 10 to 15 items per day for 50/75 Roster lvl and below, after that add to max cap maybe 5 items per 25 or 50 Roster lvls. Most of LA players plays 6-8 char and most of it generates a few like 3-4 sellable items per day. Bracelets, Accesorys, Gems, Abilitys Stones, Amulets, Adventure Book collectibles, Engraveing Books etc etc. So with 20 items cap we need to waste too much stuff cuz we need space for more valueable items on AH… End game players very much needed to use more than 20 items listing cap.

Reconsider this and make neccecary arrangements for better gameplay experience.

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Some people have way too much luck IG
I have been ‘lucky’ in my sense in the past week and yet I never met market cap. Although I do not sell 5-50 gold accessories and bracelets as I think none should even buy them as they drop like candy