This is my first time playing Amazon proxy,I have been playing games for more than ten years,
LOST ARK It’s my favorite game,Let me say a few things about this game。
1,Robot problem
In fact, this problem is easy to solve,Officials can control gold prices and materials in the mall,The result of the robot is for gold coins,Players buy gold coins to strengthen and buy materials,So as long as the official can meet the needs of players,Selling gift bags in the mall,Sales of reinforcement materials,Robots will be reduced by at least 60%。
2,The second one is for LOST ARK Official
Reputation is the basis of mutual trust,Your company’s internal problems should not involve players,Players play this game for recreation and entertainment,To make your life and spirit happy,Other mistakes should not be made to the player,For example, the June update should have a clear timetable,After all, this game has been around for years。
3,The third one is for players
Whether ordinary players or gold coin players,Should abide by the rules of the game,Cannot use script,Can play with your best friend Or meet more friends,Everyone has vanity There’s nothing wrong with buying gold coins,But you can’t break the balance of the game
4. last
I love this game,I hope you can run the game well, But also to give players a comfortable environment,

                                                                                           Wish this game better and better