About NA servers queue time

Can’t they really lock character creation on NA servers for the time being ? I know they said we can’t block cuz of new players but anyway they won’t be able to log in.
Atleast let actual existing players play and in the meantime find an actual solution to botters.
This way you’ll end up losing all your players since they can’t login and play anymore.


Yeah, it’s a joke really… scheduling guild events requires people to login 1 hour before the event which doesn’t suit most people. Even worse result if your game crashes.



they’re just doing petty mesures that does nothing. VPN/region blocking & reducing in game sources of gold mostly hurt legit players and barely affected like 5% of bots. so lame

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Agreed. We need all the servers locked from new roster creation. I know it’ll mean new players won’t be able to select NAW servers but it’s not like they get to play the game as it is right now anyways… Better for them to register on NAE servers to play the game and have a better experience.

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From what i have seen with the time i have been playing lost ark is that the botting problem can really only be squashed by going after the root cause… the players buying the gold there really has to be monitoring going on in game on a massive scale to catch these players out who are buying gold you have to destroy the business of the people who profit from selling gold, and with how fast bots can replicate reducing gold sources barely hurts the gold income of the gold sellers because to compensate they just create more bots and even region locking and ip bans can be circumvented, the anti cheat also has a hard time with the amount of bots in the game there just isn’t a way to ban the bots quick enough to make a noticeable dent that lasts.

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Gonna be honest, this game has completely lost me as a result of queue times. Waiting in a queue is fine, waiting in a queue because bots are chewing up all the spots on the server is completely unacceptable.

I’m a paid player and only have time to play for a few hours during the week and then (relatively freely) on the weekend. Amazon has a few hundred of my dollars through this game at this stage and I’m at the point of just walking away. They can keep the money and trust that I will not be interested in playing any Amazon published games the future. I’m sure a few hundred dollars won’t be a big deal to Amazon but why on earth wouldn’t they want to keep me spending?

Most of the time, when I log in, I’m faced with a queue of at least 3,000 and will usually just quit the game and find something else to play. When I can actually log in without twiddling my thumbs for half an hour, I now just do a few daylies across my main and maybe 2 of my alts and then l log out because I don’t want to commit to a game that is only available to me at unpredictable (and inconvenient) times. Why should I invest if I may or may not be able to play again tomorrow depending on how overwhelming the bot horde is? Don’t even get me strated on the 235 ping (that I’m literally paying for) because there are no OCE servers.

Amazon has had none of my dollars for the last few weeks and will be receiving no more dollars from me until I can either log in without a queue or, if I have to wait for a queue, I’m not faced with an army of bots blatantly flaunting the terms of service. These are accounts that are not just breaking the terms of service but literally taking money out of Amazon’s pocket. And then there’s me, someone who is happy (and trying) to put money into their pocket, and I can’t play the game??

Amazon, I seriously don’t care about how hard it might be to fix. You’re running a business, not a charity. You should be approaching the games you publish in an appropriate fashion. Right now, you have people literally stealing from you and then the people who want to give you money can’t because you haven’t found a solution to the problem. If someone skimmed your credit card, you wouldn’t just reduce the limit of your credit card and hope that they lost interest, you would cancel your credit card and make sure it didn’t get skimmed again. This is an urgent issue, Amazon, take appropriate action.

I trust that Amazon are trying to fix the issue but am almost at the point of not caring any more. There are better things I can be doing with my time and money than waiting in a queue to invest in online characters that may or may not be available to me tomorrow.