About new tripod system

The new tripod system was not mentioned on the roadmap, and I am convinced that it will come around the same time.

My request is that you notify this specific update at least 1 week in advance so that we can organize ourselves. It’s something very important and that directly affects our quality of life within the game.

Thanks <3 @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

there’s no need to notify.

Just knowing that KR got it means we will 100% get it…

that means you should be prepping for it and slotting your tabs on your mains and alts ASAP and should be your #1 goal RIGHT NOW

That is a lot of dps boost from lv 4 tripods and a lot of gold you are saving for END GAME CONTENT…literally hundreds of THOUSANDS of gold if you do it now before the change.

taths it