About Pheons - just to add

I can see a lot the argument, that the Pheons can be bought with Blue crystals.
Just want to point out, that in order for someone to have blue crystals, someone needs to buy Royal crystals, so the pheons are inherently a real money consumable.
With very few instances, where they are given with some event or the Roster level rewards.

Just want to point it out.

EDIT: I’m perfectly aware, that this is a practical thing, however I’ve wanted to highligh the princip, because I think these are separate discussions and I can see they are mixing every time the topic is brough up.

That’s incorrect. You can get BC from roster rewards

thanks for creating this pointless thread instead of adding it to an existing thread here

im sure ags appreciates hundred of threads about the same topic instead of 1 :rofl:

there will always be whales that buy blue crystals with royal crystals so i’m not sure why this is an issue

You can buy Blue Crystals with gold, so what exactly is the issue ? :slight_smile:

Did you read my post atl all…

My problem with pheons is that they exist so that market doesn’t get flipped and re-sold by certain group of people who would have monopoly over it.

And then you charge pheons for ability stones, items that become BOUND once you bought them. How can you flip an ability stone?? Charging pheons for ability stones makes absolutely 0 fucking sense for any sane person.

you can trade royal crystals for gold and gold for silver so silver is also a real money consumable

It does if they want to force you to interact with the shop and encourage you to loot the items rather than buy them on AH on all characters.

You can’t compare it like that. In order to buy BC someone has to sell royal crystals, which means that they need to be purchased for real money before you can buy them. Making it real money consumable because someone has to pay real money in order for anyone to buy them. Unlike silver.

I can farm Silver, but I can’t Pheons… Check my EDIT…
You clearly have an issue to comprehend this subject I can see…

A 500 gold “tax” on a 100 gold buyout item is very reasonable and cool.

It feels to me like the cost of pheons is not keeping up with the rate of inflation or progression. I have nothing against the system but i am very aware of my low pheon count as i begin to raise character #8. I think both sides of this argument are valid so i have no idea what a viable solution is

The thing is - The Pheon costs are tight to Gold inflation - this will always hurt the players which are behind or newcommers (I imagine if the L raids come march, the gold will start to drop at some point in value).

I find this kinda counter productive for the game, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

I think getting rid of bots maybe the ultimate solution since, from what I understand, they are one of the biggest reason why Pheon system even exist atm (A friend who plays in KR told me this is one major factor for Pheon’s existence; but feel free to correct this information if its wrong).

If Lost Ark becomes subscription based, will this solve majority of the bots issue I wonder? Sorry I am combining the two conflicts of bots and Pheons on this part of the forum but I believe they correlate.

I wonder how many people will be willing to play subscription based for monthly bases in return for no pheons, less bots, and no que time? Material cost will surely rise within Auction house, but at least it will be based from players instead of bots. I am one who wouldn’t mind sub based, but I can’t think of any other solution tbh :sweat_smile:

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i can farm gold which means i can farm pheons?

No, because the pheons are sold for blue crystals. Someone needs to buy your gold with Royal crystals and then you can buy Pheons - do you get it now?
You can’t farm Pheons, because nothing drop Pheons right?

So, basically, no one is f2p unless you had never acquired blue crystals from store.