About Platinum Founder's Pack and Craft Tools

As you can see in the Platinum Founder’s Pack we get these tools shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 143912

I would ask a Dev or Community Manager if those tools are with the Super Armor stat?

For those who don’t know, if you are gathering any kind of item, if a monster hits you, your current gather is canceled, with super armor stat, you still be able to get the loot even when you are be hitting.


Oh, that sounds super valuable. :grin:

The effects on the tools are always randomized when you acquire them. You may be lucky with this, or not.

I’d be more keen to know if these tools are better than the ones you get in game from just doing the quest line, otherwise they’re pointless inclusions!

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I like super armory stat sounds good to me :grin:

These are the green ones (same ones you get for free), so no.

do u looking for legendary or artifact tools??

It looks like they are the same tools you get from the questline. Useless indeed.

These are the blue ones, not the green ones.

Apprentice were the green ones on the beta, where did you see it will be the blue ones?

the color of the tools, this kind of “brown” in the tools are in the blue ones.
the 3 on the left are green, and the other 3 are blue.
looks at the colors, the green ones have a green background, always.
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Just compare the colors, and you will see the 3 on the right are the same as the Platinum Founder’s Pack.
and the blue ones always has a blue background, but it’s confusing because in the Founder’s Pack page they remove the background color of the tools, but the color of the tools matches the blue tools.

Dude these are the green ones, there is no doubt about it.

you are mistaken.
when people say what they want, make a statement, and aren’t humble to recognize that was mistaken/wrong.

Here are the icons from RU

You are now free to form your own opinions about what we will get.
Maybe they used the wrong icons, name, or the beta had a bug… We won’t know until we know. :slight_smile:

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look at the platinum, the color of the tools are the same as the blues.
the screenshot I put in the first post, is from the platinum pack, tell me what is different from the tools that you post?

AGS just removed the background, but the colors are the same.

It’s BLUE without ZERO doubts.
The colors of the tools are Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange/Legendary, for those who, don’t know.

If you’re referring to me, i have no dog in this fight. Probably direct your negative argument at someone else :slight_smile:

not you, for the guy that stat that is certain a green tool, and it’s not, it’s blue.

I still have doubts really

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I don’t it’s blue, if it’s green, AGS put the wrong tools in the platinum pack, because the colors don’t match.

I use these tools for so many hours, I recognize with one mile away.

It says apprentices tools, so blue obviously